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  1. C++ and OpenGL

    Ok, thank you for your answers. superman3272: I know OpenGL isn't easy, i saw some basic examples (like boxes) and i didn't understood anything so I guess I should start with an engine based on top of it. about the portability, is the choosen langage a problem ? i thought if libraries where multiplatform it would be enough. Am I wrong?
  2. C++ and OpenGL

    thank you Faelenor, I don't plan to release a commercial game, it's for my own purpose.
  3. C++ and OpenGL

    Hi, I would like to start programming games, I've been reading gamedev forums for a few days now and I have a few questions. Is starting right from the beginning with an engine is the proper way ? Do you have some books (or sites) to recommend about C++ and/or OpenGL for game programming ? (any other book that might be useful to beginners are welcome too) I'm looking to create something with C++ and OpenGL (due to it's portability). I already have some programming skills with C/C++ and Java, I did desktop application programming and a bit of Minecraft modding but i don't have any game-specific programming skills. I am looking to do some basic 2D RTS game (loading a map, handling units, moving, attack), I know that for the moment i don't have enough skills to start such a project and i'm aware of the amount of work it requires so I hope you'll enlighten me to get starting [img]http://public.gamedev.net//public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png[/img] thank you. [size=1](I hope my english was understandable)[/size]