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  1. what do i need to know?

    I have used many of them. unity3d, blender, photoshop and such... none of them really met my needs. I am not sure which one to move to next, but when I get home to my desktop I thought of giving Unreal Development Kit and Cry Engine 3 a try. they are free, but you have to pay to publish things... this shouldn't be a problem though, if your just practicing.   Hope I was helpful   **and yes, blender is better than unity3d, in my opinion at least
  2. What arent you good at drawing?

    i do faces and bodies pretty well... i mean, that's what i draw most of the time. I sometimes have problems with water/lava/fire, since they are quite hard to draw. also sometimes trees and stuff like that   Just keep drawing stuff and you will get better...   and for some tutorials (well... in manga style anyway) you can check: mark crilley's channel
  3. Making a RPG, anyone in for it?
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