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  1. HTML5 Game Sponsors?

    [quote name='Terrified Virus' timestamp='1348775205' post='4984471'] Hey guys, First off, this is my first post, so if I am posting in the wrong place, or breaking any rules of any sort, please forgive me. Anyways, I have a question regarding my mobile HTML5 game. I have recently finished my first, [url="http://terrifiedvirus.com/mobile/turtlesoup/"]Turtle Soup[/url], and am looking to commercialize it through sponsorships. [/quote] Hello, you may want to submit your game to the AppsFuel marketplace (http://developer.appsfuel.com). It's a marketplace for HTML5 mobile web apps and in case you want to monetize it on your own, it provides billing APIs.
  2. Tim Cook has actually encouraged iPhone owners to use Web Apps (speaking about maps). Not bad! http://t.co/lLrcOJH5
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