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  1. Thank you man for these advices, this is what I am waiting for. I doubt that I need to learn linear algebra, and I am glad that I am on right way. Great comparation between programming and climbing on mountain, I agree. Best regards!
  2. Hi, @shadowisadog I really appreciate all your posts, since you didn't ignore it only. I am beginner, and I know that I must using search on this community. I did research but I want to learn it from very beginning. Thank you for explanation of this code... I am only curious how to go forwared with this stuff about games, since I decide to try XNA. As you see I don't have right direction where to go now, related to Vector2 (I leave Vector3 problematic for later). I got conclusion that I must learn graphical programming and game mathematics. I am right? I find out some books which I will get: Microsoft XNA Unleashed: Graphics and Game Programming for Xbox 360 and Windows, by Tom Miller Real-Time rendering Fundamental of Computer Graphics by Peter Shirley So since I don't get them yet, can you tell me what is the best way to learn Vector2 problematic? What are best practices for it? And... If I want to make some 2.5D game (plans for later - some isometric strategy), does it used Vector3 or not? I will use some 3d models in my games ,prerendered like 2D sprites to use isometric perspective. Regards!
  3. Any help, suggestion, explanation....?
  4. Guys, I just started to learn more about game programming topics and I see that you really gave me really great suggestions! I decide to start with XNA, because I find it user-friendly. I read couple books about c# and since I have expirience with OOP, it is more easier for me to upgrade my knowlegde. But beside of that I am beginner. I decide to learn to programming 2d enviroment first...but...I have trouble now with Vector2 operations! I don't have a clue how to start to learn Vector2 problematic, and I see that it is foundation to program any game. It is used for moving, rotating, scaling etc... I checked some topics on community and I doubt that I need to learn linear algebra, to use Vector2 operation properly? Is there good way to learn this Vector2 problematic, since it is graphical programming and not only c# stuffs. How to learn graphic programming? I see later if I want to programming 3d enviroment, which using Vector3, it is impossible without understand of Vector2 at first!!! For my start I will be with time satified to learn how to make isometric view in XNA: ...but there are some code which I dont understand, for example: // Initialise block 2D array Blocks = new Block[Width, Depth]; // Used as a base width and height for varying sized tiles int baseWidth = 128; int baseHeight = 64; [color=#ff0000]// Position blocks Rectangle position = new Rectangle(0, 0, Tiles[0].Width, Tiles[0].Height); for (int x = 0; x < width; x++) {[/color] [color=#ff0000] position.X = (baseWidth / 2) * x; position.Y = (baseHeight / 2) * x; for (int z = 0; z < depth; z++) { Blocks[x, z] = new Block(0, position); position.Y -= (baseHeight / 2); position.X += (baseWidth / 2); }[/color] All of this kind of code required to understand good behavior of x, y coordinates. Any help? [img][/img]
  5. Thank you man, for this great suggestions. I agree with you...I must first understand how this types of games funcionate, then I must try to find out the best approach how to implement something to have best results. It is programming logic, it is normal and right way of thinking in this job. I see that for this type of game is needed to learn AI logic and understand how to programming it, it is big part of this genre of games, really. I will start small for sure ;) Thank you again, I have now better insight what I need to do. Regards!
  6. I just find book: Sean James - 3D Graphics with XNA Game Studio 4.0. When I saw code in the book, it looks more, more easier then DirectX, and I think that it is excellent for learning basics on good way. I will find more books for XNA, but I dont give up from Unity. Probably, I will leave DirectX, OpenGL, because they are more advanced stuffs for learning (and slower pace of learning-since I am hobby programmer it is not good for me ). I have basic knowlegde of c# but I will expand it for sure. I know it is very important. But, what is the future of XNA? I didn't understand @shadowisadog. XNA is cancelled? Does XNA games have future or XNA will be changed with some other technology? It is very important to look things forward. Can we run XNA games on Windows 8 even? Beside of that, could someone give me some link where I can learn programming strategy games in XNA? Thank you everybody ;)
  7. @Sollum I agree that it is important to understand good how to program 2d eniviroment, then I will have better understanding of 3d programming for sure. Thank you for advices. What is your expirience about game making in Unity3d? Do you use it? @Saruman Hi, man! I see that you are expirenced developer, so I appreciate a lot your opinions. Then you recommend me to use Unity. By the way, what is your opinion about XNA? I think that I will try both, Unity & XNA, because to learn more 2D Game concept with XNA... When I said that Unity doesn't have support I think exactly on tutorials and examples on C#, not language support (but I do research on Unity web site and find great references manual on c#). Digital tutors has also great video tutorials on this topics, but in JS are all examples. Where to learn how to learn more about strategy game programming concept in Unity (for example camera, GUI...)? Thank you guys, again! ;)
  8. Hi, everybody! I find this community because I did research about game developing topics. So I decide to register on this community and ask for your opinion. I am not begineer in computer stuffs, and I know logic of programming language. I have little knowlegde of C, C++, Started to learn C#...but I was always oriented about other areas of IT. Amateur for game making but not in IT general! I am interested to make RTS strategy video game, isometric camera view (like PC GAME DESPERADOS for example) I started to read many books about DirectX, XNA, OpenGL, C#, AI I want to know where is good starting point for making this game genre. I want to use C# for this project, not C++, since I always had trouble with it, because it is too complicated. I see good oportunity for learning C#, since it has more object-oriented concept, with much less code and easy readible code for writing. Beside of that I know that C++ is the more powerful language until today. So I want to use DirectX and C# for my project. But I have trouble with finding books for c# & DirectX (I found just one), but in every next book, it is used c++! I read many web sites and they mentioned Slim DX, and in generaly, other articles which I read tells that it is possible to make good game with combination c# and directX, but...I don't have enough information about all this stuffs, so I became confused! It is really hard to have wish to learn c++ from scratch, since I started c# and I like it really...I don't try OpenGL, but I am already familiar with DirectX (some beginning stuffs), and I think that it is good and interesting., it sound that it is not bad solution, but I heard that it is already overcome technology, and I think that it is better to wait with XNA, until I try to make something with DirectX and C#, at first. But I dont know it is possible to make strategy game in XNA?! Maybe I am wrong. I also, find Unity 3D game engine and I find that I could programming there in C#, but again it doesn't have enough support for c#. All examples are written in Javascript...maybe even it don't support to write RTS strategy in it?! I want to find best way to learn both of those languages, and make this game, but I dont know if it's possible?! Thank you all! I am willing to hear your expirience.