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  1. Need Help Writing A Storyline For My Game (Stuck)

    Super Quick Summary: Clyde, a person who believes that the planet is rotten, he doesn't want to rule the world he just wants it destroyed completely. He's planning on making contact with the core of the earth to make magma flow from it, but he alone is not capable of doing so, so he made a deal with the Aamon the God of Destruction that if he's capable of killing 14 of the strongest fighters on the planet that he shall set the world aflame and burn it all to ash. Aamon wants this so he amplifies Clydes physical abilities and gives him demonic powers, but Clyde knows very little of the power of other fighters around the earth and if the fighters happen to destroy or kill Clyde, they will have one wish granted. So in the end Clyde only has one thing to win, the humans have 2 things to win, the safety of their planet and any wish of their desire. pretty sweet eh?