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  1. Land on a specific spot

    Changed some things to make understandable and easier to answer. Sorry for the inconvenient. . .
  2. Land on a specific spot

    Because you will hit the border of the platform, I forgot to tell that the end location is the center of the platform. I need a parabola and a straight line is not realistic :never saw a platform game where you jump in straight line. I could use a simple vector force V(0,1,1) that makes the character jump forward but It's not my goal. I need to trace a parabola from startpoint to end point taking in account gravity, then plug the vector in my velocity vector so the character can move. . .
  3. Land on a specific spot

    Then you will miss the target, I need a parabola ;)
  4. Land on a specific spot

    Hi guys, After a couple of test I've edited the question to make it simple and easy to understand.I have a fixed initial velocity V(Vx,Vy,VZ) and a spot on higher ground E(Ex,Ey,Ez), my character must jump up there and he stands still at S(Sx,Sy,Sz). How Can I find the closest point to the character that can make him achieve the jump?And If the spot Is not available how can check other solutions?