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  1. cosine lobe in spherical harmonics

    Hey, I don't understand your thread but for this part: "and they decide the coefficients are: (Pi, 2 Pi / 3, Pi / 4) for 3 bands of Zonal Harmonics. (so simply 0 on the non zonal terms)" I join you a shot of mathematica showing the derivation. It is just a projection of max(cos(theta), 0) into SH then an application of the convolution term. Also, the D3DX SH math library is now open source and containt the cubemap projection, so enjoy: [url="http://blogs.msdn.com/b/chuckw/archive/2012/07/28/spherical-harmonics-math.aspx"]http://blogs.msdn.co...onics-math.aspx[/url] Cheers