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  1. Guide to bad game design

    Basically everything done in "Big Rigs: Over The Road Racing"
  2. [quote name='Heath' timestamp='1348961632' post='4985188'] Man, now I'm going to have to look twice at your name every time. [img][/img] First, your idea is interesting, but you'll need to ask yourself a few questions in private: What is your goal for the project? And what is the setting? What's going on in the game? Once you have your goal and setting in mind, remember: Monkey see, monkey do. It doesn't take much to explain what a joystick should do for a video game, or a touch-screen. The game fails when the player expects the input to do one thing and it does something else, going against the grain. So you have to decide what device the player is going to use to control it, and design with that in mind. You also need to design around your output. Just for example, is this a first-person shooter, or a platformer? Because Doom and Contra might both involve shooting enemies, but they present that in very different ways, and they're controlled differently too. Is it more like an adventure game? That's controlled differently, too. All in all, this is just "designing around the I/O". But maybe I've been reading Chris Crawford a bit much, lately. [img][/img] [/quote] Haha, I actually had to doublecheck when I saw your comment Thanks for the feedback! It's a first person adventure game, and I aim to have no guns involved. So what you're suggesting is to just make the controls simple and let the player figure it out?
  3. Hey everyone, first post here, glad to be a part of this community =) I've been tinkering around with a game concept for a while now. It's an action/adventure game, driven by visual storytelling with little to no dialogue or narration. Now I'm absolutely new to the concept of video game writing/designing, and was wondering how to approach introducing and directing the gameplay without ruining the immersion. I want to create a sensory oriented experience, and throwing up a little bubble that says "Press X to do X" or "Do This" really ruins that. Is there a tactic for introducing gameplay and direction without flat out telling the player, or making them feel restricted and controlled?