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  1. IOS development, first step?

    if you are familiar with JavaScript, [url="http://moscrif.com"]Moscrif[/url] will most likely suit you best for mobile game development ... If offers free license with no hidden fees.
  2. New great Moscrif tutorial is available. This time, you will learn how to create Angry Birds like game with only few lines of code. [url="http://moscrif.com/sample/fire-the-bird"]http://moscrif.com/sample/fire-the-bird[/url]
  3. [url="http://moscrif.com"]Moscrif[/url] is other option. Easy to learn as it uses JavaScript that most of you are already familiar with and is free to download.
  4. Did you consider Moscrif SDK? It is based on JavaScript, so no need to learn any advanced language like C++ or Java and the result is the same as the code will be transformed to native. Moreover, you will be able to reach much bigger audience with your game because the game will be ready of Android, iOS and other platforms. There is a free license available without any hidden fees. Here is the official website: [url="http://moscrif.com"]http://moscrif.com[/url]
  5. [img]http://imageshack.us/a/img228/9789/leaderboard.gif[/img] On October the 1st, Moscrif game development challenge was announced and developers can win up to [b]$10,000 worth prizes[/b]. Are you ready to create your mobile game and compete? More info at: [url="http://moscrif.com/moscrif-mobile-challenge-2012"]http://moscrif.com/m...-challenge-2012[/url]