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  1. if you have any concept of good game then you can hire dedicate resource from outsourcing company like us: Rapidsoft technologies else if you want to start your career in game development you can start by choosing any latest technology like HTML 5.
  2. Article was good and the most of the part was well explained. I have been a part of Apps & Games  cost estimation team and we used to our whole mind into it to provide the best service in valid cost. I have just shared my [LINK REMOVED BY MODERATOR] which talks about apps cost estimation have a look into it and Please provide your valuable comments.
  3.   You first need to install the Android SDK.  You might also need to install Java Development Kit (JDK).   Enable USB Debugging on your device.  Where it is in the Settings depends on your phone's manufacturer.  Look it up.   Plugin your Android device through USB.  If you use Mac/Linux, it should be able to detect it.  If you use Windows, you might need to install a driver first, again, depends on your phone manufacturer.   Then run the Android Monitor tool.  It will give you the activities that's currently running on your phone.   If there's a crash, it will usually say so and why.  However, this is usually for the developer of the app that's crashing.  As a user, this information is not that useful because you don't have access to the source code.    Great I'll try that out right away and would let your know about the whole experience with it in a while ! :D  
  4. Hey Nypyren I think I am a little now over to these things so I wondering if you can guide me in knowing where actually can I find this " adb logcat " file ???? You launch it remotely using the android sdk usually while your phone is plugged into usb, then launch your app. There are also ways to launch it from settings menu. My android knowledge is limited though so this is where my own advice must end, sorry...   Thanks for the suggestion !! But still I don't get that ... :( I think I am a little more dumb then I though of myself !! :D I am sure other member over here will help me out once they see my post ! :) 
  5.   Hey Nypyren I think I am a little now over to these things so I wondering if you can guide me in knowing where actually can I find this " adb logcat " file ????  
  6. So, I would say its my craze or I don't know why but I want to know why do mobile apps crash? I have seen users over the forum seeking answer that my app crash what would I do and ... blah...blah... anyway but now I would say I want to know why do they crash and do we have any diagnostic tool available that we can use to check that "This application has crashed over your device because of the reason this and that ..... "   
  7. Hello @stumpmaestro welcome aboard to the gamedev community ! :) 
  8. I was thinking about train simulator 2015, I mean I have seen some youtube videos of them and they do look good to me so what do you guys think about it ?? Is it going to work over my windows laptop 8.1  
  9. Hey all, I've been looking for some train simulator games to play over my windows laptop ! Do you have any suggestion available ???  
  10.   Oops, I would say you may be missing something great going on, I would say it would be better to get a smartphone ! :D You are missing all the fun out their ... 
  11. What are the apps which is you most if I talk about myself then I mostly use Gmail and Inbox ! What about you all ?  
  12. I am sure most of you all have updated your Android Android device to Android Lollipop, so what are the bugs you encounter over your device in my Nexus 4 I can't see  a popup to allowing me pick up the phone, rather than my phone rangs with a blank screen while someone tries to rang me up !
  13.   Was it ever the default application for SMS? I'm still using Android Messaging on my Nexus 4, and quickly locked Hangouts from using SMS. I don't want any confusion over whether I'm sending a free message to a friend down in the US, or getting dinged 75 cents a pop, and one of the easiest ways to do that in my mind is to clearly have a difference in apps for a given task.     Awww... that means you keep yourself holding on to the stock messaging app rather than Hangouts, great ! Anyway if I talk about myself then I have migrated towards Hangouts and would love to use Hangouts way more than stock messaging app. 
  14. I have been hearing that over Android Lollipop, Hangout application isn't the default SMS application rather than something different seems to be coming out can anyone confirm this ?? I wonder why Google is retiring Hangout out ?? ...lol...
  15. So, the curtains from the Android L has been raised, it's going to be Android Lollipop with it Google has also showcased their next link of Nexus devices i.e. Nexus 6 and Nexus 9. I am going nuts over tasting lollipop out , what do you guys think about it ?