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  1. So I have this project to make a game with the Oculus Rift support,  Now the thing is , I'm an artist, but I don't know anything about scripting ( I know HTML, java , etc. but not C++ or Lua ) so I need some programmers who are willing to work on something new. Until I have the people I won't know what the game is all about because I want to make something that the "future team", and I mean all of them would like to do. I want them to have fun doing this. Now if you are interested , contact  The objective is to make a game and then release on kickstarter, if successful everyone will have they're profit. Requirements: - Artists or Programmers that have the same dream, the dream to make a game - People that work well as a team , that respect others  thats all I can ask Thanks in advance. (If you're going to post the usual "its difficult to make a game" don't comment, everyone knows that, I have an answer to that. Many friends of mine have been told that their dreams are impossible, now some work for dice, others in marvel comics, etc. etc. Its not impossible if you have the will to do it, its difficult, but if you dont try, how do you expect to achieve something ? )
  2. Gle4se

    Where to Find Concept Artists

    Im a concept artist, I work 2D(photoshop and corel painter) and 3d (zbrush, 3dsmax , blender, etc.) if u want send me an email :
  3. Gle4se

    A Unique FPS Game

    Like - Starcraft : Ghost... I was really looking forward to that game (back in the day) -Shadow [/quote] Yeah, I remember Ghost... too bad it didnt made it.
  4. Gle4se

    A Unique FPS Game

    Your idea to make a great game is "to make a great game"...You haven't even brought any ideas to the table yourself yet. Do you really think that all game designers and developers try to make another CoD? Have you seen any of the amazing, unique indie games already out there? What I'm trying to say, is "making a great game to bring back PC gaming" isn't a crazy new idea you just had, it has been the main goal of 99% of developers since gaming started. Offer something specific, or this thread has absolutely no point at all. [/quote] That's why I said I could post Concept pics, But I prefer to have someone to work with so that we're doing a general Idea of us all. I have ideas, but I don't want to be like, I have this idea, now work! xD
  5. Gle4se

    A Unique FPS Game

    Take a look at the classified section. [/quote] Thanks x)
  6. Gle4se

    A Unique FPS Game

    I know that, thats why I stated the Kickstarter website.... Look, My comic book would be in the works but someone gave us a lot of money and that gave me hope of starting a Game project? Why not? I will do a concept and put online so everyone can see. I know it messes with a lot of money but its possible.
  7. Gle4se

    A Unique FPS Game

    Okay , this is my first post here on the community so I'll try to make it simple So, I'm making a Comic Book right now, but I spend most of time gaming and what I really think is that gaming itself lost its way trought the years , I'm not gonna lie, there's good games , but less than before.... Gaming started to be repetetive and the genre that shows us the most of this repetition is the First Person Shooters. Call of Duty vs Battlefield, the never ending battle, Unreal is dead, I dont believe Halo is going anyware either, Crysis isnt a Multiplayer game, MOH same stuff as unreal, and the list goes on , from the least know to the already listed and popular games. When I started at first I tought : "I wanna do a new genre", but thats almost impossible, it would take a genious do think of something like that, and Im just not that kind of person, I'm the artist type x). So my idea: People are complaining that PC is lost on exclusives, people dont want CoD clones, people like competition, but they also like co-op.... Now, I want to join a group of people that are fun to work with, I want to do a creative thing, a unique PC exclusive and bring back gaming. I don't want to be a lider, dont think about that, I want to work together as a team to create a innovative thing. For example, What do I like in games : -Freedom of choice -Decisions -Different Endings based on those decisions -A place where I can explore -Easter Eggs -Co-op -Different aproches to the same story (if anyone has played or see the review of RE6, something like that) -A good gameplay with great mechanics -A great story with an awesome voice acting -I'm an Art guy so, graphics, unique, artist and "realistic in its own way" -Competitive Multiplayer - And for last, in single player games, Affection for the characters... the thing that I like the most in Metal Gear Solid. Now, I now it's a difficult process and it takes time and dedication into it, and believe me, I'm the lazy type x) but, you guys must know "Kickstarter" right? For those who don't know, it's a website that enables people to fund your projects if they like them, It has kind of a "reward" system that people use (ex: if you give more than 100$/90€ you recieve a limited edition or something) So I was thinking of using it, it has some disadvantages cause you have to show your project, show something at least. Just for finish I want to tell you guys about myself... -Im a portuguese guy, I have 19y, I can say that because It's almost my bday, I'm a comic book artist, I work digital and traditional, try to keep myself doing the two of them, I work 3D, 2D, everything really... I don't have any dreams really, but if I would choose something it would be to work as a Concept Artist. As for my Comic Book I'll show here on the forum some concepts so you can see some of my works (; So, whoever is up to this or just want to give me and the future dev's some tips just say something and I'll try to keep in touch. Thanks in Advance.
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