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  1. Loved Chet's talk. I always feel inspired after watching these kind of developer sessions. [quote name='Orymus3' timestamp='1349192854' post='4986074'] Interesting, although this speech is very tainted by the "original" team structure at valve (of which it gives an interesting insight). I'm surprised about the lack of designers and managers. I've double checked with their official website and this is accurate. While I can relate to the fact they don't want the "ideas guy", there's a number of things a game designer can contribute to the project without being a tyrant. I've seen senior and highly capable game designers really applying team effort accross the board, so, nullifying the position altogether to me feels like missing the point. I'd say roughly the same thing about managers. I'm one, and I consider myself a team player, and part of the team. Not an outsider looking in and imposing things. I guess I'd like to see a "day at Valve" to really understand more what their mindset really is, and though this was an interesting talk, a lot of it cannot be understood without more insight into their culture. That said, this is really more of a guide to land a job at Valve (and perhaps at Bethesda as they seem to share a common culture) but not necessarily other studios... [/quote] Valve in general doesn't really have 'positions'. The job listings on the website just indicate the particular skills they're looking for at that moment. Once you're in, it's expected you just go make yourself useful somewhere in the company. It's a bit weird, but it seems to work out for them. You can find more info in that employee handbook they released some time ago.
  2. This will be my first post here, I've heard about on several occasions, but never really took the time to have a look. Now that I'm at my workplace it seems I have plenty of motivation to procrastinate and write this down [img][/img] What I wanted to discuss with you fine folk is a little idea that I had just a moment ago after reading some gaming related news. The article stated Activision would remove all options of hosting your own server in their next CoD title, meaning no clan could have home-servers or that kind of thing, or private matches for that matter. I haven't played any CoD title since the second Modern Warfare, but this design choice struck me as very community-unfriendly, it'd make the game just one big ego trip for your own progression. And that's when I had this idea: why is it that, with all the unlocks and perks you can unlock individually in games like Battlefield and CoD, you can't actually progress as a clan ( / group / platoon / team / corporation / whatever)? Like clan achievements, perks, unlocks and similar that you obtain by working together and progressing as a team. Sure, systems like Battlefield's Battlelog and CoD's Elite service have system in place to create clans, but it's nothing beyond a glorified friends list if you look at it (although I'm not really familiar with Elite). I briefly dabbled in Max Payne 3's multiplayer and this had a sort of clan progression system on Rockstar's Social Club. You could end up having a vendetta with other clans ingame based on whether their members were killing each other a lot. There are probably more titles that explored this but they don't really come to mind. It set me thinking on how you could make an engaging clan system that both promotes competitiveness and cooperation (in the context of a shooter to keep things focussed) between different clans. Basically making the whole clan system an integrated part of the game's design. I think there is quite a lot of potential there. Just a few examples:[list] [*]Your clan can deploy special weapons or vehicles on the field, which they unlocked after they manage to capture a weapon facility at some point [*]Clan-specific gear and aesthetics that are only available when you play as a clan [*]Clans can mark 'home maps' to specify maps that bring extra benefits [*]Clan alliances and vendettas, influencing the flow of the game community in various ways [/list] There are probably plenty of problems to tackle with these kind of ideas. How do you prevent disadvantaging lone-wolf players and that sort of stuff. But that's not really what I wanted to focus on. Anyway, that's what I wanted to throw out here. Open for input [img][/img]