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  1. Hello Gamedev! Me and my girlfriend have been working on this fairly small game as a project for school for the last few months. This is the first major project we've taken on since we both started learning Java at the start of the year and as such we are constantly running into all kinds of issues that you encounter while mostly self-taught. So far we haven't gotten stuck in one place for too long (largely thanks to this great community), but now we've come to the quite significant issue of how to handle the oh-so-many varying screen resolutions which are found on computers these days. I've been looking 'round the web a fair bit and have so far found no real consensus on how this is supposed to be dealt with in a practical way. With no other hope I finally got to making an account here on Gamedev and hope that someone would have an answer for us. For the project we decided that we wouldn't be using anything other than pure Java code, not using any pre-existing engines nor GUI builders such as the one in Netbeans. If any more info is needed for you to give a satisfying answer please let me know so. Thanks in advance!