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  1. Opinions Before I Post in Classifieds

    Thanks for the quick response! You may find this hard to believe (sarcasm), but I currently have $0 to my name! But as soon as someone buys my unwanted jargon from Craigslist or I play a show this month, I'm seriously thinking of posting. I know that I have a few faults in my production, and these are things that I've struggled with through the entirety of my music composition- precisely why I want to improve. I think my music would be a good fit for either a sci-fi type arcade game or maybe a retro-ish indie thing. I really don't do well at slow, mellow songs unless it's on guitar! I may have overstayed my welcome with this long post, but it's nice to talk to someone who is supportive! haha
  2. Hello, my name is Ian; I use the name Count+Step for my music and for the internet in general. I'm looking for opinions on my music before I post in the Classifieds (If I end up doing so). I don't get very many chances for people to hear my music because I really don't know how to get people to listen to it without being annoying. The reason I want to post in the Classifieds is because I've always loved playing video games, and I like programming, but I simply don't have the ability or knowledge to make my own games. However, I've been writing and playing music for more than ten years. So, I figure, if I can't make the games themselves, I can at least attempt to contribute the music. I usually make electronic music. I don't intend to make chiptunes or to faithfully replicate old sounds. I just love the sound of square waves and saw waves. I grew up playing trumpet, and I've had some formal music theory training, so I can always calm the energy down a bit. I've only made a small few looping songs, but only because I haven't had much reason to. Anyway, all of the music worth listening to (mostly) is currently uploaded to my YouTube channel, because I've found it's the easiest to maintain even though it's not YouTube's purpose to host music. Thank you for any opinions, comments, criticism, memes, or whatever you wish to throw at me within the bounds of the forum rules. Channel link: [url=""][/url] Quick link to latest album playlist: [url=""][/url] Quick link to my first (chronologically) album playlist: [url=""][/url]