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  1. Hi there. My name is Adrian Manser, I am a student at the school gleeson college, currently in year 11. A subject for year 11 is the research project, where we are to come up with and answer a guiding question in an outcome and folio. My guiding question is; what makes a successful iphone game? So, if somebody could please answer a few questions for me, it would be just great. Thanks. What do you think successful games have in common? How important do you think graphics are in iPhone games? Why? How would you go about marketing your games, and do you believe marketing plays a big part in what makes a iPhone game successful? How did you go about choosing the music in your games? Do you believe music and sound played a big part in how successful a game is? Now, everything in this interview will be used in my research project, and I will be annotating this interview. If you could answer these questions as soon as possible, it would be great. -Adrian
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