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  1. Good news everyone! [img]http://public.gamedev.net//public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png[/img] [b]The bounty for the Zombie Character Contest is increasing!![/b] The good folks at [url="http://www.3dmotive.com/"][b]3d Motive[/b][/url] joined in on the fun and are adding to the contest's prizes: Contest winners will get access to training by professionals of the game industry! [b][u]First Place[/u]: 1 year subscription [u]Second Place[/u]: 6 month subscription [u]Third Place[/u]: 3 month subscription[/b] [u]Big thanks to 3d Motive!![/u] Additionally, the Mixamo team also decided to raise the bar and we are increasing the Mixamo credits that winners will get: [b][u]First Place[/u]: 1500 Credits[/b] (instead of 50) [b]+ the $1000 cash prize.[/b] [b][u]Second Place[/u]: 1000 Credits[/b] (instead of 30) [b]+ the $500 cash prize.[/b] [b][u]Third Place[/u]: 500 Credits[/b] (instead of 15) [b]+ the $250 cash prize.[/b] Of course, the Frankenstein Prize is still offering an additional $250 cash prize to the best animated Zombie. [b][url="http://www.mixamo.com/c/user-contests/mixamo-zombie-contest-2012?utm_source=Gamedev_Forum&utm_medium=Gamedev_Forum_Post&utm_term=ZombiePrizes_Gamedev_Post&utm_content=ZombiePrizes_Gamedev_Post&utm_campaign=ZombiePrizes_Gamedev_Post"]To view the full list of prizes and the details of the contest, click here![/url][/b]
  2. [center][url="http://www.mixamo.com/c/user-contests/mixamo-zombie-contest-2012?utm_source=gamedev_forum&utm_medium=gamedev_forum_post&utm_term=zombie_gamedev&utm_content=zombie_gamedev&utm_campaign=zombie_gamedev"][img]http://imageshack.us/a/img211/9494/contestimageresized.png[/img][/url][/center] [center][b]THE NEW CHARACTER CREATION CONTEST HAS LAUNCHED![/b][/center] Our [url="http://www.mixamo.com/c/landing-pages/fantasycontest?utm_source=gamedev_forum&utm_medium=gamedev_forum_post&utm_term=zombie_fantasypage_gamedev&utm_content=zombie_fantasypage_gamedev&utm_campaign=zombie_fantasypage_gamedev"]last contest[/url] was all about Fantasy and we received some amazing entries (which you can view [url="http://www.mixamo.com/c/landing-pages/fantasycontest?utm_source=gamedev_forum&utm_medium=gamedev_forum_post&utm_term=zombie_fantasypage_gamedev&utm_content=zombie_fantasypage_gamedev&utm_campaign=zombie_fantasypage_gamedev"]here[/url] and [url="http://blog.mixamo.com/mixamo/mixamo-fantasy-3d-character-creation-contest-winners-revealed/?utm_source=gamedev_forum&utm_medium=gamedev_forum_post&utm_term=zombie_fantasyblog_gamedev&utm_content=zombie_fantasyblog_gamedev&utm_campaign=zombie_fantasyblog_gamedev"]here[/url]). If you haven't seen the winning submissions, make sure to check them out. This month, the contest is all about Zombies: Create yours and maybe even animate it using Mixamo's free [url="http://www.mixamo.com/c/auto-rigger?utm_source=gamedev_forum&utm_medium=gamedev_forum_post&utm_term=zombie_autorigger_gamedev&utm_content=zombie_autorigger_gamedev&utm_campaign=zombie_autorigger_gamedev"]Auto-Rigger[/url] and [url="http://www.mixamo.com/search/query?q=zombie&search_type=motion&commit=Search"]Zombie animations[/url] for a chance to win the following prizes: [center][b][u]1st Place[/u]: $1000 cash prize, 50 Mixamo credits [u]2nd Place[/u]: $500 cash prize, 30 Mixamo credits [u]3rd Place[/u]: $250 cash prize, 15 Mixamo credits [u]Frankenstein Prize[/u]: $250 cash prize![/b][/center] [b][u]How it works:[/u][/b] - [b]Create[/b] a Zombie Character - Don't exceed a maximum of [b]15,000 triangles[/b] - Create a [b]Work in Progress post[/b] on a 3D community forum (like the Unity Forum!) Once you are done with your work, simply go to the [url="http://www.mixamo.com/c/user-contests/mixamo-zombie-contest-2012?utm_source=gamedev_forum&utm_medium=gamedev_forum_post&utm_term=zombie_gamedev&utm_content=zombie_gamedev&utm_campaign=zombie_gamedev"]Contest Page[/url] and submit: - A [b]beauty shot[/b] rendering of your Zombie (maximum resolution of 2048x2048). - [b]Maps[/b] to showcase your work -- diffuse, alpha, normal, specular, specular color, glow are accepted -- in a maximum resolution of 2048x2048. - The [b]URL[/b] to your WIP post - [b][u]Optional[/u][/b]: If you want to qualify for the [b]Frankenstein prize[/b], you can apply a Mixamo [url="http://www.mixamo.com/search/query?q=zombie&search_type=motion&commit=Search"]Zombie animation[/url] to your character and submit either an .fbx file or a YouTube video URL showing your animated character. Everyone at Mixamo is eager to check out the cool art you guys will submit! If you have any concern/question, feel free to reach out to us at contest@mixamo.com. [center] In the meantime, be creative, have fun, and watch out for strange sounds in the darkness...! [quote] [b]The Legend of Dullahan Grove[/b][/center] The small town of Dullahan Grove is known for its amazing pumpkin harvests; town lore says the pumpkins grow on the grounds of an old cemetery. When you look out across the patches you can even see the tombstones among the fields. The farmers say they're decorations, but others claim the tombstones are real. The woodlands around Dullahan Grove are active with the logging industry and people vacation there for the the great boating on Hullwind lake, but recently something strange has begun to happen. A few of the logging crews have gone missing, as if vanishing from the woodlands and taking none of their equipment. Boats have started washing ashore empty, the passengers missing. And the pumpkins, well the pumpkins have been disappearing from the fields without a trace. As the moon fills and Halloween approaches, a deep dark mist bleeds from the surrounding woodlands and with it come the lost townspeople, twisted and grotesque; reeking of decay. The pumpkins, they too return, aglow with life and fused to bodies of the dead. [/quote]