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  1. The web hosting service I use also offers SVN as a bonus, so I use that for all of my major projects. They do periodic backups of everything anyway, so I don't have to worry about that.
  2. Dorvo

    C# 3D physics library

    There are a set of bindings of ODE for .NET. These two links might be of some interest to you. SourceForge page on OdeDotNet Talk of ODE for .NET 2.0
  3. I can recommend it. It's an excellent source of information for the new OpenGL features.
  4. Dorvo

    Primary OS

    I still have XP Pro installed on my other physical drive, but I rarely boot it. I just keep it around in case something were to happen to my Vista drive and I needed to do something, but I'm right with you on this one. I can't stand using XP anymore. It looks and feels weird... and just wrong.
  5. Dorvo

    Big Ideas...

    Quote:Original post by jollyjeffers Quote:You gotta have a little more faith in me :-) Just watch and learn my friend. All I can say is trust me, and I will finish this game over my dead body if necessary.I've got faith in you and your project [smile] Exactly what Jack said. I've been watching the progress you've been making since I can't even remember how far back. The work you've been doing on this is absolutely breathtaking. If this delay means that I'd be able to play it with more people, I'm prepared to sit in the corner and wait it out. Love the box designs, by the way. My favorites are the large b&w pic and the red one. Keep up the excellent work. Like I really need to say that. [wink]
  6. While this is on the XNA Creators Club web site, it's still dealing with the different data structures and their performance in real-time applications. It's a series and should give you an idea of what container could work best in this situation. For you, using the LinkedList<> generic container would require a separate list if you were wanting to index directly into the list of UI components you've added, because you'd have to iterate through each LinkedListNode<> and perform some sort of comparison on an ID property/field.
  7. Quote:Original post by benryves Quote:Original post by Myrtle C++ is very powerful and most game devs do still use it, but I think that C# is great for beginners as you don't have to worry about the complicated stuff C++ as it handles that for you, it's a good learning platform from which to develop.Don't confuse a good learning platform with something that can't be used seriously or professionally, though. [wink] Bear in mind that hitting limits is not a problem with the language in this case, but a problem of API support. Yup. What he said. ;) If you're just learning, I'd start out with C#. Like JollyJeffers said, it's quick and easy to get something going, which makes it excellent for a learning tool. Once you have some experience with it, you can make the move to C++, or you could stick with C# and use either Managed DirectX or XNA Game Studio Express. Best of luck!
  8. Dorvo

    Tool associating physics to 3D models ?

    Take a look at Collada and Bullet. There are a few plugins for Collada that work in the popular modeling packages and Bullet supports loading those Collada physics files. There's also a viewer for looking at the exported Collada physics files, using Bullet. I've not tried Bullet, but I've been hearing good things.
  9. It's giving me an Access Denied error...
  10. Dorvo

    Learning MFC

    You could check out They have loads of tutorials and articles that would help get you started.
  11. Dorvo

    .NET Lua Wrapper

    LuaInterface :)
  12. Dorvo


    This game has come along very nicely. Great job!
  13. If you have the money to spent, I'd highly recommend Real-time Collision Detection. It's an excellent book, and it covers everything you need to handle collision detection between the types you need.
  14. You might want to check out the Tao Framework. It has a more recent version of ODE.
  15. Here's a little gem I happened across during my searches. Real-time Collision Detection is also a decent read.
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