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  1. Dorvo

    Primary OS

    I still have XP Pro installed on my other physical drive, but I rarely boot it. I just keep it around in case something were to happen to my Vista drive and I needed to do something, but I'm right with you on this one. I can't stand using XP anymore. It looks and feels weird... and just wrong.
  2. Dorvo

    Big Ideas...

    Quote:Original post by jollyjeffers Quote:You gotta have a little more faith in me :-) Just watch and learn my friend. All I can say is trust me, and I will finish this game over my dead body if necessary.I've got faith in you and your project [smile] Exactly what Jack said. I've been watching the progress you've been making since I can't even remember how far back. The work you've been doing on this is absolutely breathtaking. If this delay means that I'd be able to play it with more people, I'm prepared to sit in the corner and wait it out. Love the box designs, by the way. My favorites are the large b&w pic and the red one. Keep up the excellent work. Like I really need to say that. [wink]
  3. Dorvo


    This game has come along very nicely. Great job!
  4. Dorvo


    Happy holidays!
  5. Dorvo

    Subversion and TortoiseSVN = easy!

    SVN is great! I've been using it for all of my school projects this year. As for integration with VS2005, I believe someone on GameDev is working on an add-in. I think it's called AnkhSVN... or something like that.
  6. Dorvo

    I 3 RefRast

    When in doubt, take it one at a time. Only then will you be a jolly little jeffer. ;) Still though, that's a long time for only 60%.
  7. Dorvo

    Some night screenshots...

    You progress with each new post never ceases to amaze! Excellent work! How much farther do you have to go before it's ready for release?
  8. Dorvo

    XNA Game Studio Express

    I'm so damned excited about this! I think I can afford $99 a year to be able to produce a game for the XBox 360. Now, I just have to be able to afford the console! ;) Even with just the XNA GS Express, I'll be overjoyed. Is it August 30th yet?
  9. Dorvo


    If you're doing something of this quality by yourself, which I know you are ;), you won't have ANY troubles making it. Fantastic work, as always!
  10. Dorvo

    Blur/Glow shader (Part 1)

    Holy hell! The bloom effect makes the game look just that much more amazing! What kind of framerate are you getting with that?
  11. Dorvo

    Water update #2

    Great job! The highlights on the water make it look a little like plastic though.
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