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  1. Are you an indie developer with a game you think could make it big? If you love to make games and want to prove you’ve got what it takes to go pro, this is your chance. A new web series for IGN is looking for small teams of developers with nearly-finished games to battle it out for completion funding. Forget Kickstarter, this is a chance to get your game seen by some of the most influential names in the business, as well as thousands of gamers looking for the next big thing. The deadline for submissions is October 8, 2012. To apply, you'll need to fill out an application and submit a video telling us why you think you're the next game boss. Download the application and video submission guidelines attached:[attachment=11613:game-boss-application-final.doc][attachment=11614:game-boss-application-video-final.doc] Please send all materials to Good luck!