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  1. Programming Tutorial

    Use this: It's similar to Khan Academy but it's not just videos, it's interacting and using codes also. There you can learn Javascript, Python, Ruby, and more. It's very beginner friendly so don't be afraid of trying it out. Make sure to create an account to track your progress
  2. I have a Java/C++ background but I've recently started programming in Python for the very first time. I suggest starting out with Python first as the language is more human than C++. The downside could be that when you switch to C++, it might look a bit foreign. But if you want a challenge and start out with C++, you will have very little problems switching to Python. Any ways, trust those that say you are not ready to build the engine. So try and disregard that idea for now. I'd recommend using Pygame to assist you in making a game in Python: It might not be the best game module out there, but it has a lot of resources to learn from. I personally learned a lot reading this guide: It is an excellent and easy to follow guide on not only how to make games but a great introductory to programming itself. Good luck!