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  1. Hi Guys, I wanted to share with you what we are doing and how with adding your games into Playrock, you transform your games into 'local games' - games that bring players together in real world places.   Playrock is a location-based gaming network, where people can create their own gaming spaces everywhere they go and inside these spaces, play together with people around them.   Playrock is also a platform for developers to make their games local. Poeple love playing with other people they know in a real-life setting: in college dorms, local bars, gaming arcades, games stores, etc. And adding your game in Playrock spaces will allow gamers to play in real-life setting. The difference between existing social platforms and Playrock is in the level of engagement of the users which directly translates into monetization. Local games are more dynamic, addictive and viral. Here is an interesting article about the new wave of local games   You can find playrock in Google Play Store   We are looking to collaborate with more developers. If you are interested to get more information, please contact us at   Thanks.
  2. Playrock, a new gaming platform for Android developers, was released last weekend. The app is available in Google play store and already includes several featured games. With playrock, you will be able to quickly change your single-player gameplay or your multi-player gameplay where users play on the same device/ VS. computer/ local WiFi, with a multi-player/ multi-device gameplay where users start a game with another user from inside a virtual space. Mobile gamers can create local spaces everywhere, for example: at classrooms, at homes or even in local bars and start playing together with other people who are next to them. Mobile gamers can also create their own personal virtual spaces to play with friends in an intimate and personal setting. Players enter Playrock, either join an existing space or creating their own space, select a user and start playing your games with other players inside the space in real-time. Benefits for game developers for using Playrock SDK: 1. Multiplayer gameplay: you don’t need to invest in a costly development for changing the gameplay of Morris Variants for allowing your players to play together against each other in local or personal virtual spaces. Playrock takes care of that. 2. Players matching: Playrock has local and personal players matching. Our spaces naturally match a small group of players together in an intimate setting. Your users will be able to find other players who are close to them or easily connect with their friends in a private setting. 3. Dynamic game mechanics: you can enhance your game mechanics based on the space from where your players initiate the game. You can dynamically customize your game based on the category of the space, the roles of the players or even based the users who are currently inside that space, making your game more unique and engaging experience to users. 4. Local exposure: Once users start adding your game to their spaces, you can quickly gain more and more local exposure, substantially lowering your customer acquisition costs. This exposure can grow into global exposure in no time. It all depends on how you use Playrock spaces for enhancing the experience for your users. 5. Playrock analytics: You will be able to learn who is sharing your game, which types of spaces your game is included and where. This will help you to know your users and adjust your game accordingly to increase its popularity. You can find the app Playrock in Google Play Store. If you are interested to get the SDK email us at