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  1. Direction in Isometric Games

    Thanks for your answer and sorry for my English and I have a few more questions in mind [img]http://public.gamedev.net//public/style_emoticons/default/unsure.png[/img] . Actually it will be a ship and sea based game and ships will just have one animation - sinking -. And despite the fact that I'm doing this in Flash, it will be an Air app so game will be running in desktop. And what would happen if I make my ships 3D and a hundred ships come together? Will there be any difference If I make them 32-Direction 2D?
  2. I'm a Flash programmer and I wanna make an isometric game. Every game I see thus far are all 8 or 4-Direction and I'm curious about more. I know enough about diamond shape and tiles but is it possible to make an isometric game without any restriction. Like everywhere in the map is possible to go without any tiles. I don't know if this is true place to ask this and I'm still a beginner with games and more unexperienced with Isometric. So please go easy on me.