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  1. Torque 3D Now Available on GitHub

    Thanks dude!!! I'm sure it will revolutionize all games engines projects from now on.
  2. Torque 3D will go open source

    [quote name='swiftcoder' timestamp='1347541619' post='4979696'] [quote name='6677' timestamp='1347475107' post='4979407'] I love how they say its the best game engine in the world. If so then why do so many people hate it so much????[/quote] Note that they actually claim to be "[i]the best open source game technology[/i]". There aren't very many comprehensive game engines in the open-source world (it's mostly middleware packages like Ogre). Crystal Space, Delta 3D, and the Blender Game engine may be their only real competition for that title. [/quote] I have the torque 3d for a long time and I can safely say: Torque 3D is the best open source game engine solution available. it render enginer is great than Ogre 3D, network lib is state of art... have many bugs, but open source now...Probably this will revolutionize games engine projects.