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  1. Most pathetic question you will hear today

    the book you mention here, is this the one? http://www.amazon.com/Mathematics-Programming-Computer-Graphics-Edition/dp/1435458869/ref=dp_ob_title_bk   Glad i posted about this here though, lots of helpful websites, thanks everyone! gonna be something i really need to learn now   also  slicer4ever... (\
  2. Most pathetic question you will hear today

    Now if im understanding right (quite a few concepts im remembering here from physics and math) math vectors are these: v = (a, b, c) in which case yes i do have an understanding of them       I did hear about XNA being discontinued, but i understand there is an open source version out there too, aside from all that im messing with it just so i can get better with programming as a whole
  3. Hey there gamedev.net!   I have recently been messing around with the XNA framework, and trying to learn that. But for as much as i am understanding, there is one big concept i just cannot grasp. This concept is matrices...   Most tutorials/guides i have looked up seem to describe very very in detail about this concept, while i understand that it is pretty complex... i just cannot pick up what i should be from said guides.   I was wondering if anyone of you skilled programming vets could possibly help me with this concept, in a way that an idiot like me could understand :x   Thanks in advance and sorry for taking up your time with this silly question
  4. Could use a little direction

    this is what i was looking for, thanks alot andy474!
  5. Could use a little direction

    Hey there gamedev.net, i posted a while back about dipping into programming, since then i have been learning c# and trying to grasp programming.   I've done enough to have a basic (i mean really basic) understanding of c# and i was looking to see if anyone here would know some good tutorials/references to continue on from here, hopefully eventually getting to developing simple games or something.   I am by no means experienced in this yet, but i'm really trying to learn, any help would be appreciated :)
  6. trying to figure out what to do

    well thank you very much guys! This really helps to figure out where to start, very much appreciated!
  7. trying to figure out what to do

    This all helped a great deal, i believe i will start learning c# and python thank you guys for the help [img]http://public.gamedev.net//public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png[/img] on the languages note, are there any recommended books to pick up for c#/python?
  8. trying to figure out what to do

    Really what interests me about this area is programming, i would really be interested in going into programming, i guess game design is a bad term to use. But i really do not even know where to start, or how i will persue it after high school Mostly on the mechanical side (making the game mechanics function properly, putting everything together etc)
  9. trying to figure out what to do

    Alright, i am a high school student in my final year. Simply put, my goal is to pursue a career in the video game industry. My knowledge of this is very limited as one would imagine, but i am trying to get into game design/programming I am posting here because i would like to know the best route to go in order to achieve this, essentially what i should learn. I am very sorry if i have worded this in a confusing way but i hope i can get some advice/info or anything really on game design/programming
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