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  1. [python] A good game engine?

    I created a topic in the polyvox forums: panda is out, I require I library that will be able to be compiled into a standalone binary. I will search about python-ogre (I don't care about py 3)
  2. [python] A good game engine?

    I think that I will go for polyvox
  3. [python] A good game engine?

    what did you just said XD no idea of all this! if polyvox is just the right lib for me, i will build it!
  4. [python] A good game engine?

    a! thank you! any resource for polyvox and python? (whith a tiny bit of searching i wasn't able o find anything...) polyvox seems to be what i was searching for, because an example project in the website is a minecraft clone!
  5. [python] A good game engine?

    ok, thank you! can you explain me a bit the voxel-based thing? I'm a noob in graphics programming
  6. Hello, I was thinking of creating a game in python. A minecraft clone. (Please don't ask me why clone, or why python[img][/img] ) I want the game to be: 3D, everything cubified, maybe an unlimited world and of course first person. Which is a good, open source game engine for me? or should i go on with pure pyopengl or pyglet?