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  1. C++ Compiler and IDE

    Thanks guys!
  2. What's a good C++ compiler and IDE? I hear GNU is good but I'd prefer to hear some of your opinions. Thanks!
  3. Unity Hello GameDev.Net!

    [quote name='jbadams' timestamp='1349596070' post='4987617'] Welcome! If you're after a book to learn C++ I'd suggest "C++ Primer, 5th Edition". It's been updated to cover the latest updates to the language, and covers the language in detail while encouraging best practices. [/quote] Thanks a lot!
  4. Unity Hello GameDev.Net!

    [quote name='Ripiz' timestamp='1349595243' post='4987613'] Book seems to try to teach programming, not C++ (based on what your link contains), but that cannot be done. Microsoft used to host "C++: A Beginner's Guide,Second Edition: Herbert Schildt" on their website, but contract expired or something like that, back then I found it nice to look through. Finding online PDF is easy, it'll be on first page of Google results and you don't even need to type PDF (probably that's not legal though). Book consists of 540 pages. It has progress check (few questions) after every lesson. [/quote] It only shows the first 26 pages of the book, out of 1338 pages. The only code which I've seen in those first pages are C++. It basically starts you off from the beginning, because the book is assuming you know nothing. It is all C++, it gets much more advanced later on. I would rather purchase an actual book than use an online PDF.
  5. Hey! I thought I'd make an introduction in this section as this is the main reason I'm on this site. I've noticed an introduction in the journal area, but I thought it would be more appropriate here. If this isn't the correct area, I do apologize! My name is Tyler, I'm 18 years old and very interested in game programming and development. I know a bit of C++ and some JS, CSS and PHP. This looks like an amazing, large and successful community, and I know I'll be comfortable here. That was my quick introduction, I do have a quick question though. I want to learn and become more comfortable with C++, I have reserved this book online: [url="http://www.cengagebrain.com.mx/content/9781285017587.pdf"]http://www.cengagebr...81285017587.pdf[/url], is this a good choice? Do you have any other suggestions if it isn't? Thanks!
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