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  1. Write a story for this game concept

    The further I drove down the path the further I descended into madness. The trees slowly seemed to tilt their branches, as if admiring my courage for being down here. Every tree lower than the last, the path slowly turning from asphalt to dirt. They told me it would be a simple mission, rescue the sheriff's daughter for a nice fat bonus to my weekly paycheck. What they neglected to inform me was her last known location was on old Willsbury road, the same road that 27 deaths had taken place last year. As I was recalling the event, I heard a screech in front of me and slammed on the brakes, nearly giving myself a concussion. I opened the car door to the darkness, almost an analogy for what was happening inside of me. I drew my 9mm state-issued handgun and aimed it in front of me. I took out my flashlight and slowly turned it on horrified of what I might see. A body indistinguishable of gender, age, or ethnicity lay in front me. I slowly crept towards the body, gripping my gun so tightly it would leave scars after this night. The body started to wriggle, then slowly it transformed into the most traumatizing mortifying creature I have ever seen in my life. I nearly dropped my gun in fright of what I saw. It dragged its crippled leg around so I could see it's horrible face. It appeared to have three eyes and a mouth where its hair should have been, the arms were just bones carved with strange markings. It stood at least 8 feet tall and its body covered with bullet holes and the flesh of human beings. The color made it stick out from the night, a dark tan with bits and pieces colored into different shades of the original. I let out my entire clip before I could even blink, and yet the creature did not even budge.
  2. Where to find a writer?

    I'd love to join your team and write a story for it! Feel free to contact me on my [b][DELETED - please make connections through the Classifieds or by other means than posting in the discussion forums][/b]
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    Hello, I am a writer looking for work [DELETED BY MOD - This type of post is not permitted outside of the Classifieds]