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  1. Interesting: The garbage collector is in gc.cpp and ~35000 lines long. And there aren't all that many comments... Maybe splitting the file would have been a good idea. (Countless class declarations in a cpp-File? Great)
  2. Barbossa

    android - apk drive by download

    There is most likely no reason to worry as you just downloaded an APK. Androids browsers automatically download files to which you are redirected without prompting you first, just like chrome does. Even with the fully downloaded APK nothing will happen if you don't install it by yourself. To be able to install an APK without prompting you the website would need to exploit your browser, then root your device and then call the package manager directly. IF the website could do that you would never see the download in the first place.   It is (in my experience anyway) quite common for ads to just redirect to the Play Store or download the APK hoping that the user installs the application. Just like those "Your flashplayer is outdated"-ads.   Don't worry, this is not what is normally is refered to as "drive-by-download".   Edit: Spelling
  3. As nice as it may be it introduces bugs that are horrible to track down as well, for example dropping a script containing this on a 2D-only object (e.g. a sprite) does not produce an error but crashes the editor instantly: void Update() { rigidbody.AddForce(Vector3.up * 10);}Took me while to figure out that the reason for the editor to crash as soon as I hit play was that I wrote "rigidbody" instead of "rigidbody2d"... Edit: Not even a simple warning is emitted.
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