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    Colliding position,%20I.Parberry%20-%203D%20Math%20Primer%20for%20Graphics%20and%20Game%20Development.pdf   Page 283
  2. DonTzzy

    Colliding position

    I think you should be solving:   p0 = p0 + v0 ( T ) p1 = p1 + v1 ( T )   T = Dot ( n, p1 - p0 )  /        Dot ( n, v0 - v1 )   where   n = Normalize( p1 - p0 )     instead of    p0 = p0 + v0 ( T0 ) p1 = p1 + v1 ( T1 )   Otherwise, you’re probably looking for a “ray to ray” intersection test.   Also, once you find T, p0 and p1 will be close, but never exact.  32-bits of precision can cause nightmares…
  3. DonTzzy

    Collision handling- corners & jumping

      That sounds right.     You may want to investigate continuous collision detection.  Incorporating speed or velocity should give you a "first time of impact" along the y-axis.
  4. DonTzzy

    Invert quaternion X,Z rotation

      I think your device is using left-handed coordinates, and your code is using right-handed coordinates (or the other way around.)   So, instead of:     Try:   Quaternion rotation = new Quaternion(X, Y, -Z, W); 
  5. DonTzzy

    Cylinder-Triangle Collision?
  6. DonTzzy

    Angular velocity in direction of linear velocity     Where: v = new (or old) linear velocity r = contact point  -  center of gravity  // If you don't have this info, try using r = contact normal w = new angular velocity   (I think the eq is backwards.  Just negate it or reverse the cross product.  Also, you may need a coefficient of restitution.)            
  7. DonTzzy

    Forward and inverse kinematics
  8. DonTzzy

    Basic Swept SAT Collision Response
  9. DonTzzy

    coffeine consumption

    Try Adderall....   You'll own Havok, Physx, Bullet, etc...
  12. DonTzzy

    problem with quaternion camera

      A video (youtube or whatever) would be best....
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