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  1. [quote name='infectedbrain' timestamp='1352866847' post='5000782'] So basically I would write functions into the C++ classes (components) and just make lua bindings for them then call them in lua? that sounds.... genius. [/quote] That is exactly what I do in my game engine. Once the engine is compiled, you can use Lua to create everything in game without ever having to recompile again. Menus, Logic, AI, serialization, synchronization, everything. [IMG][/IMG] Here is a link to my engine's source in case you want to check it out : Here is the engine compiled, with a game.
  2. Best Way to Develop a Squad-Based Tactics Game

    I made an Open Source squad baseed RPG a few months ago. It is hybrid 2d sprites in a 3d world but can easily support full 3d models in almost any common format. All game logic is written in well commented Lua files, running on a custom Flash-like 3d engine I wrote a few years ago. The game itself is loosly based on tabletop skirmish games like warhammer and d&d miniatures. And like warhammer and d&d miniatures the rules can be easily adapeded to sci-fi settings, like warhammer 40k or starwars miniatures. In any case, feel free to check it out. It is open source, so you can fork it to use as a starting point for your own project, or you can just poke around inside looking at all the files to get some ideas about how to solve the problem. [url=""]http://www.indiedb.c...dungeon-tactics[/url] A lot of the tequniques I used to develop Dungeon Tactics I learned from it is a goldmine for oldschool RPG programming guides. [url=""][/url]
  3. Dungeon Tactics : A Skirmish Role Playing Game

    So I just uploaded version 1.4 to indiedb and the official website. This version adds more or less everything that anyone has ever asked for; multiple dungeons, towns, a storyline, new classes, etc, etc Check it out, it is free and Open Source. Questions, comments, feedback, etc. would be much appriciated. [img][/img]
  4. Just uploaded Dungeon Tactics version 1.2 to [url=""]indiedb[/url] and the official [url=""]Dungeon Tactics website[/url]. Dungeon Tactics is a skirmish role playing game featuring retro graphics and unique gameplay mechanics. It was created for the [url=""]Liberated Pixel Cup[/url]; a [url=""]free software[/url] game development competition. This release adds sound effects and music, fixes some bugs, tightens up some graphics and adds some new mechanics to streamline gameplay. Try it out, tell me what you think! [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img]