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  1. Hello everyone. My goal is to make a new characters for game called [url=""]Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven[/url]. For years i'm looking for a person, programmer who can help me with subject. Please tell me who can and for what cost make an exporter for 3ds max into format .4ds, this format useing in [url=""]LS3D Engine[/url], in Mafia game. I have a descriptions for .4ds format (model) and .5ds (animation). And also I have a script for 3ds max that support export into .4ds format, but without skin/weights, so I can't export boned characters models. Also [url=""]Zmodeler v1.07[/url] can export models into .4ds, but without skins weights and bones, only geometry too. Resources: [url=""]4ds converter[/url] [url=""]4ds import/export[/url] I will attach descriptions later. I would be grateful for any help.