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  1. DX11 The native side of Hololens

    The latest samples without deferred shading and SSAO
  2. DX11 The native side of Hololens

    For those who do not believe that work native with a real piece of metal
  3. DX11 The native side of Hololens

    Video recording was conducted at home, test on a piece of iron was carried out in the workplace ))
  4. DX11 The native side of Hololens

    So it's better? Here's a video with 60k triangles
  5. Good time of the day, members of the forum! I do not think that many have tried themselves in the development under Hololens, but nevertheless decided to write. In any case, all work with Hololens is reduced to UWP and DirectX 11. So I wrote a small prototype for easy initialization of primitives, etc. In the scene, and began testing on the piece of iron ... And I was very upset by the performance tests. A short excursion, for those who are not in the subject: - the construction of an image under Hololens, naturally a stereo image for this reason I use DrawInstanced with pre-prepared shaders. Shaders are very simple, conversion to world coordinates and projection of the species, color is set straight in the shader. Plus to switch the render in 2D Texture Arrays I use the geometry shader, that's basically all. For the test, I generated a grid of 10k - 30k and output them about 10 times ... for 10k grid and 10 calls - 30fps, for the last about 18 - 20fps. Sadness, I thought, and I decided that my hands are not growing in size and my brain does not want to work anymore ... I decided to look for flaws in my shit ... I measured the time for drawing 10 calls - about 800 ticks, it's kind of not that bad. Slightly optimized the sorting by materials, namely, switching between shaders minimized but in the loop there were updates of constant values for the shader namely transform for each object. Fps grew by 2-3 but the time to render the frame did not measure ... Although Unity seems to hold the bar 1.2 - 1.3 mm triangles at 10-15 fps ... I myself did not check the word for people. So, maybe someone can decide what can be crooked and what can be patched up ... P.S. The buffer of depth is 16 bit, and I use similar indices. Thank you in advance.
  6. In given subject I should like to listen to your arguments to its code.   Here is link for download http://depositfiles.com/files/rlpw93pf3  
  7. Rights on Dune

    If to whom interesting here is my source files of the Dune [LINK DELETED]
  8. Rights on Dune

    Questions ended! I do not see other way except to create the alternative Universe very similar to the Dune. And these a look laid out because it is the last development of remake version....
  9. Rights on Dune

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kbl8mhZJBFY&feature=share&list=UUruUO_0wlUzNS15F7uhlHzQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZvPrAlzRn0&feature=share&list=UUruUO_0wlUzNS15F7uhlHzQ
  10. Rights on Dune

    All perfectly understand that the Universe of the Dune to copy anew quite difficult. And own Universe won't be compared from the installed Dune, or will be it is very likely that in fact and will be a copy...
  11. Rights on Dune

    These videos were made long ago in 2011... Now we want to create everything at high level, but before we would like to find out all legal moments. And we don't know, what actions to us are necessary for making to use the Dune Universe. For whom specifically to us it is necessary will address or can be to consult...
  12. Rights on Dune

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p4BvHSCyYBU&feature=share&list=UUruUO_0wlUzNS15F7uhlHzQ http://youtu.be/aVz_BjwAf0A
  13. Rights on Dune

    Good time of the day! I should like to create the play in the universe of the Dune of the author Frenk Gerbert. But I do not know to whom belongs to the right on use universe this books! Can somebody help me to understand all this, so I did not break any whose rights? Who can I contact about copyright, and the possibility of using this universe... [b](rus) [/b] [i]??????? ??????? ?????![/i] [i]? ????? ?? ??????? ???? ?? ????????? ???? ?????? ?????? ????????.[/i] [i]?? ? ?? ???? ???? ??????????? ????? ?? ????????????? ????????? ???? ?????![/i] [i]????? ??? ????????? ??????? ?????????? ?? ???? ????, ????? ? ?? ??????? ?? ??? ??????[/i] [i]? ???? ?????????? ?? ?????? ????????? ????, ? ??????????? ????????????? ?????? ?????????...[/i]
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