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  1. Hello.   Helbreath is a game from 1999 using DirectDraw / Directx 7.0a. But the problem is in Windows 8 FPS drop down to 20 and its unplayable. So my question is what do you guys think would need to be done to fix this FPS drop?   All i can think of is re-coding the whole client from DirectDraw to OpenGL, but it cant be that much work to fix it?   I heard that Windows 8 have problem with games running lower then 32bit color as its force all games to run 32bit color, then games running 16bit or less will have fps drop because of this (Just a rumor)   Also heard that Windows 8 uses DirectDraw to power its desktop so thats why the fps drops. (Also a rumor)   Regards, xRisenx
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