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  1. Noddy92

    Action points or not?

    I see how the player can benefit from one-two in case of planning and calculation, but I'm developing an RPG-Strategy hybrid. I came across an interesting problem in which I want to use the same type of weapon, but with same ammo (different 9 mm guns), so I'm thinking a more streamlined and easy to understand AP system. I haven't played Underrail, but I hear it's a lot like Fallout, but I will take a look at it, thanks.
  2. Noddy92

    Action points or not?

    I was thinking of higher the skill, the fewer action points you use. For instance, the higher aim means less AP to aim specific body part, or higher medical less AP used to heal someone, etc.
  3. Noddy92

    Action points or not?

    Before this thread comes to an end, I have one final question. What is the best way to calculate action points or time units for one-two system? See, I was thinking something along the lines of Fallout 1, where one stat decided action points (Agility), but further questioning led me to the conclusion that it's best to combine it with something else to avoid it becoming a god stat. I thought of combining it with another stat, maybe dexterity, som my equation would look like: Agility + Dexterity = Action points or (Time units) What do you think is the best approach, for this problem, and if anyone was wondering how Fallout did it here is the link: http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Action_Points I'm looking at the original games and Tactics, Thanks
  4. Noddy92

    Action points or not?

    Oh you definitely should especially Jagged Alliance 2, old Xcom, Fallout Tactics, and such.
  5. Noddy92

    Action points or not?

    I talked to my programmer and he says, the system can be changed because right now it's pretty bare bones. I went and read a couple of first posts, and the more I think about it, the thing that Richards suggests while not a bad thing, seems like an expansion to the one-two system. He wrote one small action, one large and one full which takes the whole round. If I remember correctly in new XCOM if you use some actions it will end the turn for that soldier, right? It's been a while since I played it, so my memory is a bit fuzzy. Also, I don't want classes in my game. What I had in mind, is here is a soldier with stats, you can improve some of them and make the most of their available skills. For instance, some have good aim, but also are good with explosives, so the player can choose which to upgrade during the game. I just think predetermined classes are a bit restrictive, and I just wanted for the player to choose which class or role they want for their soldier. Thanks, suliman for the picture with stats, I've found this very useful.
  6. Noddy92

    Action points or not?

    This is really great advice, Richards and good points too. Yes I too was afraid of accidentally putting a god or a dump stat. I want the game to be grounded in reality as much as possible, and I want the player to train the stats (like in JA 2), I always liked this concept. The concept you propose seems possible if I can implement my design to get the most enjoyable experience and tactical depth. As a side note what do you people think, would different weapons take more to fire, because I really want to have plenty of weapons, of the same type, caliber, etc. Thanks
  7. Noddy92

    Action points or not?

    Richards what i meant when I sad phase combat, it seemed to me like this is the part were you move, or shoot, etc. But I see now that my poor choice of words caused confusion. In my game I want the player to be able to perform a wide variety of actions, like shooting, aiming at specific part of the body, blind fire, lean and fire, roll, etc. Your idea looks amazing, but now I wonder how to implement it to work with stats. So, my stats are based on JA 2 and Fallout, so you get Strength, Agility, Wisdom, etc. One of my main concerns during the design was how to implement these traits. If anybody remembers, in old games each stat did something, and agility gave action points (in most games, it contributed one way or the other), so maybe if I go with your idea, higher agility for instance would give more range or time to perform same action, right. For instance in Jagged Alliance 1 and 2, each mercenary had different action points, based on their stats, with maximum I think was 25. The player was forced to choose the best available person for a specific job. So, how would stats (mainly agility stat) work into all of this? I can't remember did the new XCOM had stats like agility, or time units and how did it work with one-two system. If someone can remind me or explain, that would be great. So far in my project, I'm currently doing AI, and did a simple AP system, but I started having doubts about the system which brings us here.
  8. Noddy92

    Action points or not?

    So what Richards is proposing is something similar to some sort of phase combat, if I'm understanding this correctly. The more research I do, the more I lean towards the classic action points (JA2, the original XCOM), but I'm really skeptical about this sort of hybrid system. This is one of the things I couldn't get used to RTwP (Real-time with pause). I'm not saying his idea is bad, I'm just being cautious, because this is the core of my game or any turn-based game, and if approached carelessly it could turn out really bad. Maybe if I put something like action point reserve (like in Xenonauts), that would tell the player what can be done with the remaining points. Anyway, back to my first question, which system will be more player friendly AP or one-two, are players getting lazy to calculate action points, can people enjoy my game besides the complex AP system?
  9. Noddy92

    Action points or not?

    Great advice, but what I'm most concerned with is that the players will find action points too complicated (maybe the younger players, who didn't play Jagged Alliance 2, which is an awesome game, btw.). People from the posts online that I read, are complaining that they have to pull out the calculator, which is funny because I never had that problem, and the older players like the older system. Somewhere I once read that the action points, are designed because they where emulating pen and paper games, but the problem is that I don't want to bother the player with too many numbers. I just want a user friendly system, that doesn't burden the player, yet it is complex enough to perform a variety of actions. Basically what will most people understand including new players and the old players which already played this types of games. Oh, and I'm designing a game in vain of Jagged Alliance, as far combat is concerned.
  10. Hello, I just have few questions. So, I'm currently designing a turn-based game, so my question relates to action point system. See I have a dilemma do I choose to implement old school action points (time units) which are calculated and distributed based on stats or do I use the one-two system like the new XCOM. I have been researching this topic, and some people say that action points are archaic, others that the new one-two system is overly simplified. What do you think, which is better in today's gaming scene? Thanks
  11. Hello,    I'am looking for a team for a turn-based strategy/RPG   Game Overview   The game is an old school tactical role-playing game inspired by such games as Jagged Alliance and XCOM, with expanded concept ideas. The game will include three parts: tactical, strategy and RPG elements.   The game will be in isometric 3D environment (characters, terrain, buildings). The game is set in modern time. Th game will be made using Unity.   I have completed the design document, but am willing to receive new ideas, critics, and such. This project at this point is for fun and passion, but I do plan if we make it good enough to launch a crowdfunding campaign or seek finance.   Team   I'am currently looking for:   Programmer (Unity): - Someone who loves and understands turn-based strategy and RPGs, and can make a good system. - Familiar with the Unity engine - Loves strategy and RPG games   3D modelling (for structures and environment): - Can create realistic low poly models - Loves strategy and RPG games   UI Designer: - Understands Unity engine - Can create functional and easy to understand UI   I have currently built a prototype, but wasn't able to progress, due to my lack of programming skills. In the meantime I've started creating 3D models of weapons and characters. Please note that I need people who understand the game we are making and love the genre.   If you're willing to join, please contact me at radunenad@gmail.com and I will tell you more about the project and discuss your participation in it.   Thanks in advance     Noddy92
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