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  1. Hello,    I'am looking for a team for a turn-based strategy/RPG   Game Overview   The game is an old school tactical role-playing game inspired by such games as Jagged Alliance and XCOM, with expanded concept ideas. The game will include three parts: tactical, strategy and RPG elements.   The game will be in isometric 3D environment (characters, terrain, buildings). The game is set in modern time. Th game will be made using Unity.   I have completed the design document, but am willing to receive new ideas, critics, and such. This project at this point is for fun and passion, but I do plan if we make it good enough to launch a crowdfunding campaign or seek finance.   Team   I'am currently looking for:   Programmer (Unity): - Someone who loves and understands turn-based strategy and RPGs, and can make a good system. - Familiar with the Unity engine - Loves strategy and RPG games   3D modelling (for structures and environment): - Can create realistic low poly models - Loves strategy and RPG games   UI Designer: - Understands Unity engine - Can create functional and easy to understand UI   I have currently built a prototype, but wasn't able to progress, due to my lack of programming skills. In the meantime I've started creating 3D models of weapons and characters. Please note that I need people who understand the game we are making and love the genre.   If you're willing to join, please contact me at radunenad@gmail.com and I will tell you more about the project and discuss your participation in it.   Thanks in advance     Noddy92
  2. Well I ment for her to be killed somewhere in the middle of the game, after a fight, but I think you're right. I think I will do what Shifty Cake wrote, and make her look like the bad guy. I noticed that there aren't that many female anatgonists, and this would just fine.   Thanks for the advice.
  3. Nice plot twisting there , but I wanted in the story to know who betrayed you, to see them betraying you. But I think I can make that the mafia boss betrays you, when you try to payoff your debt. Then I have just one question, if the mafia boss betrays you, wouldn't that be a little clihce? Anyway after reading my story again, I find it increadibly generic and boring, your idea is a nice inspiration, Thanks for the advice.
  4. Thanks for the advice, man. I really to like when the story is told through the gameplay, but I guess there is nothing wrong with a couple of cutscenes. I'll go now and work on the game and its story.    Once again thanks for your time and advice,   Noddy92
  5. You're right it looks like a movie script, but it's because I don't know how else to write it. I looked at other game design from other people, like Doom Bible, or Fallout, and the story synapsis was always like a movie script. You know what I mean, like when you open wikipedia about a game, and there it is plot, shortened so that everyone can understand. This game is going to be strongly story driven, just imagine Max Payne from a diffrent perspective.   But did you liked it? Is it too cliche or not?
  6. So I have been working on the story and the characters, and here is what I created. In game you assume a role of Michael Porter a criminal who has been betrayed. I wrote the story, (its synapsis) so here goes:     "Owning 150,000 dollars, to the Mafia, Michael Porter made a plan to rob a payroll van. With the help of his girlfriend Sarah Johnson, and his friend Shane Brooks, he managed to rob the payroll van smoothly. There was almost 250,000 dollars, which was more than enough. When Michael finished packing his share of the money, Shane said that he would never payoff that debt. Then he pointed his gun at Michael and explained that if he kills him he would do Mafia a favor, and also would make a name for himself. Michael tries to pull his gun out, but Brooks shoots him twice, and leaves him to die. After spending six months recovering, Michael gets a gun from his stash and starts looking for Brooks. Sarah tells him that she was tracking Brooks for three months, before he went silent. Now he is nowhere to be found, like he just disappeared. The last she saw him was in the “Archer Hotel”. Michael goes there, only to be ambushed by the mafia that knew his was coming. After the shootout, he finds letters addressed to Brooks with his new address. He heads there when he receives a phone call from Brooks, who tells him that he has Sarah with him and that he is waiting in Michael’s apartment. Michael storms the place kills three goons and finds Brooks pointing his gun at tied up Sarah. Michael enters the room, but Brooks shoots Sarah, and escapes through the fire escape. Michael tries to save her, but she is already fatally shot. He goes through the fire escape and starts chasing Brooks. He eventually corners Brooks, asks him about the job, and he finds out that he didn’t had choice, and that the mafia ordered him to kill them both. Michael learns where the mafia key people are, and then he massacres Brooks. He first heads for the bosses right hand man Johnson, who he finds in the mafia owned bar. After a shootout and chase he finds out from Johnson, that the boss is the man named Marvin and that he will get to him. Michael shoots him in the leg and picks up his car keys. As he leaves the bar he is captured and taken to the “Archer Hotel”. There he manages to get free and learns that the Marvin is in the top suite. Michael manages to get to the top suite where he confronts Marvin and shoots him. He takes the money from the safe, and in that moment the police arrives and arrests him."     I need you to tell me what you think about this, and give me some feedback. Please be as honest as you can, so I can learn on my mistakes. And also this is my third, or forth draft, just so you know that it's not final.   Thanks in advance,   Noddy92
  7.   I don't have anything against cliches, it just that every time I wrote a draft of the story somone would come and say: "You know what wasn't that in that game that I played, or movie,...." And I read book on game design and writing, and they all said that your story must be something original, and groundbreaking. But my main problem is finding a good reason for betrayal.     As for the game it's something like Max Payne, with a strong plot, with levels that aren't all too much linear.
  8. Thanks for the advice, very nice point of view of the story. Everything is great, something like this I always had in mind, but I always thought, that would be a cliche, and it will look like something else. But I think you're right many games are based on cliches, like Max Payne, GTA, etc.   Once again thanks for the advice
  9. OK, so I've been thinking a lot about a story, so starting from scratch, how about this:   You play a criminal who ownes a lot of money to the boss of the family, so you and your friend come up with a plan to hot a payroll van. The job goes smoothly, but as just as you are about to take the money, your friends tells you that he has been hired by the boss to kill you and take the money. He then shoots you, take the money and leaves you to die.   I just came up with the beginning, and I need your criticism to improve it. I know I never wrote a crime story, so any help will be appreciated.   Thanks in advance,    Noddy92
  10. I was wondering, since I'm creating my game alone, how long would it take to finish it in Unity. I'm making a TPS. So how long 6 months, a year?
  11. Hm... that's actually not a bad idea, considering how many games have player do good things through the game.
  12. Your're not sounding harsh, any advice is welcome. I'm still working on that ground breaking thing in the story.
  13. OK, thanks for the advice. In the begining I though, to make a story that would just be the excuse plot to start shooting, but after reading this, I really got some ideas. And I thought story to be about the money to pay of debts, like in the Payback.