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  1. [Allegro 5] Game Crash

    hmmm... Well, here's my .cbp (Code Blocks Project file) that contains my .cpp file: - { } -
  2. [Allegro 5] Game Crash

    After I changed line 41 (49 in the code w/Breakpoints&and the new #include by shaquil) to that, the program got compiled & ran just fine, but it still crashed at line 59. (73 in my code)
  3. [Allegro 5] Game Crash

    Nope, still crashes at line 59.
  4. [Allegro 5] Game Crash

    "allegro5/image.h: No such file or directory". :/
  5. [Allegro 5] Game Crash

    First things first, yes, in fact this .cpp file is IN a Code::Blocks project file, linked to all allegro things necessary. I have followed that Allegro 5 tutorial, and it's not the projects fault (I think). So I set some breakpoints (well, I printed at various points in code) And tracked it down to which line it crashes on, and: It seems to crash at line 59. "al_set_target_bitmap(al_get_backbuffer(display));" I really need someone who's advanced to help me out, because the answer is not exactly obvious as to why it crashed.
  6. [Allegro 5] Game Crash

    [quote name='stitchs' timestamp='1351021696' post='4993178'] Which IDE are you using? [/quote] I use Code::Blocks for the IDE.
  7. [Allegro 5] Game Crash My issue is that every time I compile & run it, It waits a couple seconds then crashes. Like, stops responding. Does anyone have a clue what I'm doing wrong?
  8. SDL Download Help

    So I was suggested in a different thread that to get the Win32 API (GUI?) for my C++ programs, a good way is to download SDL. I downloaded SDL-1.2.15, but now I want to know how to use it in CodeBlocks, to make a basic C++ program use the Win32 API. Thanks in Advance. Regards, King of the Boneheads.
  9. Text Adventure Help

    [quote name='Inuyashakagome16' timestamp='1349873480' post='4988698'] You really don't "need" any more files to do what you want. You could (because you did state you were a beginner) setup a while loop and some conditional statements and work through the rooms [CODE] if(direction == 'n' || direction == 'N') { cout << "Moving North through the door"; } [/CODE] For the locked key situation you could hard code it so certain rooms are always locked: [CODE] if(direction == 'e' || direction == 'E') { if(hasKey1) { cout << "You unlocked the door."; } else { cout << "The door ahead is locked."; } } [/CODE] EDIT: You "can" if you want the extra files honestly. I figured it would be easier to work with one file at a time till you become more experienced with C++ is all. [img][/img] My apologies. [/quote] Thanks!
  10. Text Adventure Help

    I'm less-then-beginner in C++ at the moment and I'm working on my first official game: A Text Adventure. I realized it should be simple enough to do, and I want to start with a basic one. Can I have 1 .cpp file for each room? Here's some example rooms: [u]|R1|R2|R3|[/u] [u]|R4|R5|R6|[/u] [u]|R7|R8|R9|[/u] So l want it to make it so you start in the bottom room, it tells you what the room looks like, the name of the room, and gives you 3 choices. Type in "N" for north "E" for east "W" for west. So if you want to go north to the middle room, you type in "N" and hit enter. Then you appear in the middle room, and the same thing happens. However, I want to be able to have locked doors & keys. So lets say there's a key in the top-right room, and you collect it if you walk into the room. Then there's door1 (you just collected key1) all around the middle room. Then if you try to walk in, it will act as if the door isn't there and you let you in. Otherwise it says you need the key. Might be confusing, and I'm willing to take the time to write this, but I really want to make it happen. Thanks in Advance. Regards, King of the Boneheads.
  11. I'd like to make a C++ game

    Hello people of (This is my first forum thread) So I'm fairly new to C++ and I've made basic things and I'm working on a Text Adventure right now but once I do make a game, I've hit one bump in the road. When I code something in C++, it runs it in what looks like Command Prompt. Confused... I'd assume it's because C++ won't come with anything super-fancy and I guess I'm fine with it but my real question is: How do you turn your C++ .exe file look like a regular old program/game on Windows? I believe it has something to do with .txt files and collecting files from your computer, but I just need to know [b]HOW [/b]to do it. Thanks in Advance. Regards, King of the Boneheads.