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  1. I need help finding someone online I can interview for a college assignment im doing. It only requires me to ask simple questions like why they do what they do. Does any one know someone I can email or other sites i can ask around? With where am currently living going to somone in person is out of the question since am nowhere near any developers. [b]Here are the quesions i need to ask:[/b] [b]1[/b] General Description of what you do [b]2[/b] What is your typical workday? 3 What do you find most rewarding anout your work? [b]4[/b] What are the toughest problems oyu encounter in your job; What are the frustrations; What are compromises you have to make? [b]5[/b] If you could change your job in some way, what would you change? [b]6[/b] Does you job effect oyr personal life, If so how? [b]7[/b] What further education or degrees, liscenses or ther credntilas are re quired for entrey or advacnement in your kind of work? [b]8[/b] What trade/profession groups do you belong to? [b]9[/b] What ablilities, interrests, values, and personality characteristics are important in your field? [b]10[/b] How do you usually laern about job openings in your filed? [b]11[/b] If you were hiring someone today, for an entry level position in your field, what would be the msot critical factors influencing your choice of one candidate over another?