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  1. Unity Game Engine?

    for 2d game you can use cocos2dx but for 3d game unity3d better .
  2. Beginner engines

    i think unity3d easy to use for beginners .
  3. Databases in your games

    i am using mongodb but join not enable and need to learn map-reduce
  4. I want to learn about computer graphics this book very good for starting opengl and theory
  5. also can mobile phones connect each other with wireless ?
  6. Can mobile phone create game as server on LAN and pc can connect ?
  7. social game development

    thanks ..
  8. social game development

    browser game like farmville ,it wil be flash. and back end php web services.
  9. Confused with classes

    maybe you use static clas for game management
  10. social game development

    hi, i wanto develop social game ,but i dont decide to which database i should use . Document base databases are very popular nowadays .RDMS or Key Value ?
  11. Motivation

    you should find friend for your projects for more motivations
  12. C++ Tutorials?

    there are many c and c++ tutorias here
  13. lines

    you should search gdi and gdi+ for windows form applications .
  14. Which Game Engine To Start With?

    Unity3d is easy to use i think,if you know c# or javascript