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  1. Hello, Recently I was creating a multi-texturing shader file able to output 2 UV channels. The purpose of this is to be able to combine the 2 images and mapping it onto separate channels in 3ds max. I managed to achieve the first part of combining the 2 textures(getting the multi-texturing effect), but I did not manage to separate it into 2 UV channels to use in max. Example Scenario: -Applying the multi-texturing.fx on a cube -Relaxing the cube to change it from a 3D shape to a flat map -Editing the UV mapping coordinates of 1 part of the map(1 side of the cube) to cause a different "look" for that side of the cube -Desired Outcome: 1 side of the cube appears different from the others Problems: -Currently, if I try to edit 1 side of the cube, it either does not change at all, or all 6 faces of the cube changes with it. -This is caused by the UV channel 2 (from the second image) is the same as UV channel 1(from the first image) Code: struct OUTPUT { float4 Pos : POSITION; float4 TexCoord : TEXCOORD0; float4 TexCoord2: TEXCOORD1; }; Currently, I am trying to find a way to achieve multi-texturing while being able to control both UV(the first and second image). Anyone have a solution for this? Thanks in advance!