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  1. id like to start by saying i really have no or little knowledge in making games or programs. But at this point i personally feel a greater amount of respect for the " learn at home" people out there. i feel its saying hey i dont have the money to go to a collage but im going to stick with this and learn it any way i can. When i put my game or program out there for the world to see they will know that i have the knowledge and desire.They will also know the path wasnt laid out for me i chose every direction good or bad that has brought me to the completion of it. my personal goal is to learn how to make a quality game and programs. Not to be able to go to work for someone, but for others to go to work for me. To help me bring my dreams and ideas to reality becouse they have the same ones or similar ones. I would hire no one who did not feel a immediate personal gratification from helping me bring them to life. sure someone who is not interested in them can bring ideas but one who is will bring better ones. The better ones i beleave will bring more money in the long run for everyone. I want money dreams and ideas. Not robots. just my thoughts