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  1. bigdilliams

    Bitwise AND expanation

    What if I make this: if(63 & 1) { ... } When will the if-loop start? Is the condition everytime true, and is it possible to be false with an other number?
  2. bigdilliams

    Bitwise AND expanation

    Yes, but I made a small programm wich results in: int Zahl = (54 & 63); std::cout << Zahl; 63= 111111 54= 110110 so Zahl = 54 What is the sense behind that?
  3. Could someone expain me the bitwise and operation (&) in C++? For example: What happens here? if(63 & 1) { ...... }
  4. bigdilliams

    skeletal animations and suitable formats

    I totally agree with you, I just want to learn how I can do skeletal animations in OpenGL. And don't start immediately with libraries. So how did you start with you're personal loader?
  5. bigdilliams

    skeletal animations and suitable formats

    I nearly parsed md5 completly, but than I tought about loading a much easier format like collada. I am writing in C++ and iqm/ iqe seems to me much more complex than md5.
  6. Hello forum, I want to load models in a format that supports skeletal animations into opengl. The formats that I problably want to load are: dae (collada) or iqm/ iqe. I already checked md5 but at the moment I don't care to much about it. My problems are: 1. I don't want to use libraries like assimp, collada dom, fcollada or opencollada. So were do I find good examples I knew a site called wazim or similar, but I can't find it anymore 2. I don't know how to parse binary files like iqm/ iqe, are they just zeros and ones? Thank you.
  7. bigdilliams

    Small question about functions

    Thank you my question is answered
  8. Hello forum, here's my question: What does the "const" at the end of a function do? bool CheckAnimation(........) const; const FrameSkeleton& GetSkeleton() const { return ........; }
  9. bigdilliams

    The maths behind the rotations

    Ok, this is really a topic, wich can't be explained in 1-10 post. I was learning the whole day about vectors, scalars, matrices and so on. Now I got some good knowledge and in a few hours I will understand this completly. Nevertheless, I understood those replys and they were helpful. Thank you.
  10. Hello forum, can someone explain me what the maths behind the rotations in OpenGL are? I attached a picture of a rotation around the X-axis, so that you know what kind of maths that I mean.
  11. Now after some days I still don't understand the parsing of skeletal animation formats like .md5mesh, .md5anim because they have some complicated maths in it like quaternions. Can someone help me parsing .md5 models, problably with some explanations over skype, or anything else?
  12. Thank you for you're response. Now, at first I will take a look at those things here listed and do some maths with quaternions. Probably there will be some more questions later
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