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  1. I did both things. First I learnt in my own about programming in C/C++, and later I discovered that I needed to go to the University for learning some important concepts. Of course you can learn these concepts in Books, but you will spend less energy and time if you can go to the University. On other way if you want to start in the game industry, now days it will be easier for you to start in the casual game industry ( social gaming, mobile games, etc ...), where programming languages as Java,C# will be more useful for you than C,C++. I am agree with Bregma, in whatever company, you will need to work on things that you will not like or enjoy, and you will need to learn the aptitude ( which usually is very important to get a job, sometimes more important than to be a programming rock star ) to be able to handle it properly. But in the end, this is only my point of view, I hope that my experience, it can be useful for you.