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    Hi, We are and we want all of you to join us on our StartUp. We provide game developers a place where they can receive real feedback of their games. Our users will send you reports and feedback. Our idea is quite simple, for each feedback report you receive, our user wins points and later on, with these points, they would have access to more betas. This way their commitment with our platform will make your feedback valuable and useful. We are currently looking for game developers who want to add their betas to our website and get to be known. These developers will have a private section where they can read their game feedbacks and also evaluate them as positive or negative. This way developers will decide which game testers will receive points and which won't. Our goal is to ease the communication between gamers and developers. This way games will be improved for the end user. Later on we will suit the website to allow developers to sell their games, Steam style, and also make pre-purchases. Here you have our website link : [url=""][/url] , our portal for devs: [url=""][/url] and our email for those who want to contact us: Also I want to remind all of the developers that this will be free for you. If you have any question, feel free to ask here whatever you want. Thanks!