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  1. How so?   TA although branded as a C&C breaks much of the mold, and isn't an RTS, it's a light browser game that is just set in the C&C Tiberium universe by my reckoning.      Total Annihilation not Tiberium Alliances.
  2. How many players do you intend to support? You could take your approach if you don't care at all about cheaters, but it only takes a few cheaters to ruin an entire game/community.
  3. Intern Salary

    An intern at microsoft would make 54k in a year? Thats a pretty wild salary...
  4. Is it worth relocating..?

    Quote:Original post by paulecoyote A masters is just a year after all, and pretty academic. No one is going to be employed straight "at the top" of their profession without having some kind of commerical experience first. A masters will, no doubt, help you get your foot in the door and that's the most important thing. Getting a job, ANY job straight after finishing your course is crucial, because that academic qualification is only worth something a limited time after graduating before employees start noticing the lack of work in the area (or perhaps unemployment fullstop) over academic excellence. I'm about to enter college, but I believe a masters is two years at most schools in America, unless there is an accelerated masters program such as at UIUC.
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