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  1. I've finally finished Siege! I would've added so much more, but I got fed up with Java2D so I decided to finish it right now without adding multiplayer. Here is the title screen:     The objective of the game is to keep at least 2 control points in your possession at all times. If you lose more than that, you automatically die. You also have 3 lives, so if you die 3 times, game over. Waves of monsters come, and in between waves you can do anything you want(restock on Sentrys or AGCs or recapture a point).   There is a shop in the north of the map. The 2 people sell stuff, and the robot is an upgrade station. To buy something, hover your mouse over it and press space. If it was successful you'll hear a beep, otherwise you'll here a explosion(I don't know why).   The control point order is this:   2      1     3 4      5   If you are on a bad computer, this game won't run at all. I would've originally fixed it, but I don't want to migrate all this stuff over to another library. If I get enough feedback and likes for the game however, I will add multiplayer and convert to libGDX! Vote on that please!   Anyway, I hope I've done a good job on this one:   [url=https://www.box.com/s/dneu6ss4uc9iqi2iwund]https://www.box.com/s/dneu6ss4uc9iqi2iwund[/url]   If you want this game to be continued, just let me know and if enough people say yes, I'll add multiplayer and more monsters and more features etc.   Feedback, criticism hate all accepted!   Some more images:      
  2. Fixed a bug in the 4th level that lets you cheat the level D: have fun!  :D
  3.   A few months ago I wrote a really small game called Dead Run, a game about escaping zombie wrath and stuff. So now, for a week I've been working on a game called Dead Run 2. Its supposed to be a puzzle game, and I haven't added everything I want to put in it so far. I'm just really into 2D games right now and haven't been paying attention to my 3D ones.   All the graphics in this game are the second attempt I've given at pixel art, and some of the designs are from those I've seen of other games with pixel art, so don't judge the art too harshly.   There are currently only 4 levels to play so far, and I've added some checkpoints in. I wouldn't really want to post an incomplete game right now, but I want to get some opinions on the game so far, in terms of puzzle and challenge. I'm not really good at creating puzzles either, but I'm trying my best.   So, here's the download and tell me what you think! Suggestions, additions, modifications, take-outs, please post them all:    https://www.box.com/s/fw025yuhy67sj6net9e7   Controls: UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT = move around ESCAPE = reset level SPACE = punch   Website: http://jantox.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/AgroTemp
  4. If I have a group of entities all in the same area, how would I go about fixing the "crowding" problem so they don't overlap eachother when they are moving etc?
  5. This is the only section I found that suited what I wanted to post BASE INVASION ================== [img]http://i.imgur.com/mPqFT.png[/img] Hello, this is the second game I have worked on in my tiny gaming career and I thought it would be cool to try out a real time strategy game. It turns out I liked working on it a lot, and I wish I could go back and implement things that I could've in the beginning. This taught me a lot about planning for games now. I made this game so I could learn a bit more about map generation, multitasking, and game AI. Anyway, here is the download: https://www.box.com/s/zjfzjfy1voigxod1fptz All sprites and graphics were made by me(very badly), so I'm trying to get better at gfx. Please give me any criticism that would help in future games. I'm still trying to find out good techniques, so this game might be too easy and pointless I guess. How To Play: Click on a unit to select it. Right click on friendly units lets you take you somewhere or act with another entity. To spawn units, click on a building and press s. Warriors stationed around barracks heal slowly. Objective of the game: Destroy all enemy capitals.