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  1. 2D Game art help

    Thanks Matthew and runner.. I just got GIMP and It looks like a good choice. [quote name='joew' timestamp='1350730976' post='4992113'] You should definitely check out [url="http://www.pixelmator.com"]Pixelmator[/url] which is very user friendly and low cost. [/quote] Joew, could you recommend any good starter tuts for Pixelmator? I might check that out as well.
  2. 2D Game art help

    Hi Guys, I'm rather new to the game development scene and I'm currently working on my first platformer for iOS using cocos2D. The problem is, i have all my art drawn on paper (concepts etc.) but I don't know what programs I can use to transform my concepts on paper into game art for my game. I googled this and most answers pointed me to (1) Photoshop: too complex for me. (2)Pixen: cant find any tuts on how to use this. Any and all help would be nice. Don't be nice or gentle. Let me hear it straight. Thanks [img]http://public.gamedev.net//public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png[/img]