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  1. What would you make armour out of?

    Armor made out of severed human heads (just visit executions if you're a novice). - to demoralize humans Armor made out of severed heads that follow you with their eyes (visit a torture chamber in an abandoned madhouse to find some). - to make humans go crazy   Magnetized armor -to make your enemy lose its/his/her weapon, to pin him to your chest or to bear hug him.   Hide made out of dragon embryo's. -the specific dragon you need is incredibly powerful and aggressive when pregnant, and rarely gives birth (never witnessed in recorded history). -regenerative, brings luck and raises fertility   Cactus bark -low intelligence desert creatures remember the needles and might leave you alone
  2. Operation Tumbleweed.   Synopsis. Mother earth launches an attack against the human race that is destroying here. Things to do. As a tumbleweed you attack crops and suffocate exhaust chimneys. The more you destroy civilization, the more natural vegetation grows back and the more tumbleweeds you have at your disposal. More things. There are environmentalists you can help, banksters you can lock in their house, and economies you can break by blocking roads. Additional things. Beware the fires that will quickly destroy your collected tumbleweeds. Rich industrialists will occasionally start large projects to combat you with enormous vacuum cleaners.  One last thing. You can also let yourself be eaten by wild animals, hoping to create a plague. Game ending. Once the Dow Jones is at zero the rainy season starts and all tumbleweeds are washed away and go back to the earth. Game ending 2. If all humans are destroyed the tumbleweeds inherit the earth and come alive as tumblepeople. A strange folk with many annoying habits (arrogant!). Game ending 3 (loosing). If the tumbleweeds loose the human beings use geo-engineering to make the earth their bitch. She is transformed to resemble a giant clowns face. Variations: giant boob, baseball (and using it), giant hole in the center (using her for galactic ring throwing), entire surface filled with disco lights, carved out shapes so light of the center comes out.      
  3. Criticism on Dialogue

    It's too demanding.   Example:        INT. CRAIG AND LOTTE'S BEDROOM - MORNING     Craig jolts awake. A rooster stands on Craig's chest,     crowing. Lotte, also 30, in the middle of dressing for     work, hurries in and pulls the bird from Craig's chest.                  LOTTE          Sorry, hon. I didn't know Orrin          Hatch was out of his pen. Good          morning.     Lotte leans down and kisses Craig on the forehead.                  CRAIG          Morning.                  LOTTE          Gotta run. Shipment of grub worms          coming in first thing.                  CRAIG          Enjoy.                  LOTTE          Craig, listen, honey, I've been          thinking... maybe you'd feel better          if you got, you know, a job or          something.                  CRAIG          We've been over this. Nobody's          looking for a puppeteer in today's          wintry economic climate.                  LOTTE          Well, you know, maybe something else          until this whole puppet thing turns          around.                  CRAIG              (bitterly)          The Great Mantini doesn't need a day          job.                  LOTTE              (sighs)          Craig, everyone can't be Derek Mantini.              (beat)          Well, grub worms are waiting. Do me          a favor?                  CRAIG          What?                  LOTTE          Would you check in on Elijah? He seems          to be a little under the weather this          morning.                  CRAIG          Which one is Elijah again?                  LOTTE          The monkey.                  CRAIG          Yeah. Okay.   http://www.dailyscript.com/scripts/beingjohnmalkovich.html   Compared to:   Kaiser: "Old man [Player]?! This night is full of surprises!"   Proth: "Quiet down you brute! The object of us meeting here is to avoid detection, believe it or not."   Mesrae: "No need to worry about that, Proth. Marc did well choosing this location. You'd have difficulty spotting it with the sun beaming down on us at high noon."   Kaiser: "Exactly. So keep your beard on, O' ancient one. The worse harm my beautiful voice can do is help my fellow Glory men find their way to this infernal camp."   Jaxl: "Help is putting it lightly. It's more like setting a vocal beacon."     You see that a multi-million dollar film actually excels in simplicity.