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  1. Recommended VST/Sample Library

    Every library has strengths and weaknesses. I've heard more than one top guy will tell you they "have everything that's out there". Having said that, EWQL is old sample technology and things have come a long way since then. There's no denying that EW's latest stuff based on Play - Hollywood Strings and brass - they sound great. But Play is very buggy on the Mac, to the point where I've had to stop using it entirely. My friends report the stuff works very well on PCs, however. I find the libraries a bit disorganized, messy, and hard to use, but you can get great results. Another user mentioned Spitfire - they are doing great work. Albion is a great all-around library. For strings my favorite right now is Cinematic Strings. Anything by Cinesamples I can recommend - the libraries are solid and sound great, I love Cinebrass and Cinebrass Pro. Symphobia is a favorite of many, but it's getting a little outdated now. But the atonal stuff they have in Symphobia 2 is excellent and widely used. It's a deep topic, however - the best libs often depend on what kind of music you are doing at the moment.