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  1. Music licensing

    [quote name='Jonah-B' timestamp='1351131750' post='4993635'] Well I didn't finish the new license today, but I did a little work and more reading on the subject. Here is another question that I thought I might as well ask. A lot of licensing to indy projects are done dirt cheap often because the indy doesn't have a lot of money and the musician doesn't have a lot of exposure. I read about a clause that often appears in contracts between musicians and indy film makers that basically states that the indy can license the audio for the agreed price, but if the film becomes an unexpected hit and leaves the film festivals to bank out then the licensor will need more compensation. Is there any equivalent in the game development world? How might such a clause be worded and executed? Would it be a good idea to include something like this, or is it a bit too unreasonable? [/quote] To me it would be unreasonable. You will get more customers when your lemonade is sweet than sour.
  2. Music licensing

    This is a very good topic. Please excuse me if I posted wrong, but if I'm the indy company that wants to use your music for a video game, game trailers, TV commercials of the game, and sell your music with a game soundtrack. What kind of license agreement would be best for allowing such use? Flexibility and freedom is what new start ups are looking for and not spend so much money that they would have to take out a second house mortgage to pay for everything. This is something I’m looking for as well.