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  1. bioglaze

    C++ Shader help

    You shouldn't call glGenBuffers( 1 , &vbo_id); in the rendering function, because it creates a new buffer object, causing performance and memory issues.
  2. bioglaze

    What are you working on?

    Day job as a graphics programmer at a console/PC studio, writing shaders, renderer backend and frontend features etc. My major hobby project is my engine. Current version doesn't look as good yet as my older engines, because I'm learning modern APIs like Vulkan, D3D12 and Metal and haven't implemented all features. I also like the D language and I'm implementing graphics stuff (modern OpenGL, Vulkan) on it. Ongoing projects can be found in the github page linked above.
  3. bioglaze

    VBexEngine Editor Project

    Looks good, but the project page could be in English to get more users.
  4. One option is to use the D language. Fast compile times, modules, package system, array slices, readable templates, compile-time functions, unit testing, variables initialized by default etc. make it a good, modern language. At least one commercial game, Quantum Break, uses it.
  5. bioglaze

    Outline Shader

    You can also do the edge detection using a Sobel filter in the pixel shader.
  6. bioglaze

    Area Lights in DirectX

    I found this when searching for implementations some time ago:
  7. If you haven't already, you should enable D3D debug layer to get API errors and warnings into console. Search for D3D11_CREATE_DEVICE_DEBUG or "d3d debug layer" to find out how to enable it.
  8. There's a typo in your store page:     Should be:  
  9. bioglaze

    Variable lights count

    You could try deferred rendering. OpenGL 2.1 is very old and if you use 4.3 or newer with compute shaders, you could cull the lights with compute shader (Forward+ or Tiled Deferred).
  10. bioglaze

    develop mode

    The question is a bit unclear and the answer depends entirely of your engine architecture/libraries/programming languages but generally yes, shaders can be compiled as a pre-processing step, textures can be compressed etc. just once and used many times.
  11. I think you mean and also remember seeing this question on
  12. Why Express? Community has more features like support for plugins.
  13. bioglaze

    Engine Lighting

    By saying that there are only 8 lights available I guess you're using legacy OpenGL/fixed function rendering and should move into a more modern style where there are no lights in the API, instead you program them manually.
  14. bioglaze

    Which books to read?

      Would you suggest reading the entire series, or just the latest book?     It doesn't really matter. The books contain articles on various topics so studying the table of contents before buying is advised.
  15. bioglaze

    Which books to read?

    GPU Pro series.
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