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  1. Cost of hiring a 2d Game Designer for sprites?

    [quote name='Prinz Eugn' timestamp='1351132038' post='4993636'] "With much higher resolution" is probably going to drive your costs way up. You might to look at pre-rendered 3D, would probably be much cheaper than hand-drawn sprites. [/quote] Was thinking 64x64 or 128x128.
  2. Hello all, I am new to this forum and I am a software engineer. I am currently developing a game as a side project during my free time. I am a technical lead so I know many people who do UI/UX, logos, and web design but I have had no luck finding anyone who does 2d sprite/asset work. If you do not mind giving me a ruff/broad what it would cost me to get some assets made for my game. [b]My Project[/b]: I am making a web/mobile based mmo-eskwith async/turn based combat... think a mix between Tactics Ogre/Final Fantasy Tactics & Hero Academy. I bought a few sprite and recourse packs off the internet to have place holder graphics to work on my rendering engine which I am about 30% complete with.. then I will start writing the web services and API, and then finally write the client interfaces needed to connect the rendering engine and web services. So far I built enough of the project to prove what I want to do will run well on phones/tablets, and pc's. I eventually want to either bring my projects to an investor or run a kick-starter to gain what I need to polish the graphics/ui and get the infrastructure up and running. Before I do that I need to get some decent looking sprites with with a few animations... [b]What I would like to know[/b]: [i]How much do 2d sprites cost? [/i] The style I am thinking about is simular to the sprites of Final fantasy Tactics eg. [url=""]http://www.spriters-.../fft/index.html[/url] but with a much higher resolution that will work well for both a browser and an iphone. In terms of animations: -walking in 4 directions -swinging with 1 hand -some sort of "casting animation" (depending on cost I may use the 1 hand swing with a wand). -taking a hit -kneeling -fallen How much would something like that cost per sprite? Thanks in advance.